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A quick chat with Werner Bosman


Werner Bosman is one of the guys who will be jamming in the Led Zeppelin Tribute Show at The Good Luck Bar this coming weekend. He’s also the lead guitarist and vocalist of Johannesburg based rock band Saving Silence.

I recently had a chat to Werner about the Led Zeppelin Tribute Show. This is what he had to say:

How would you describe your love for Led Zeppelin?

I dig Zeppelin a lot, they’re just such a cool rock & roll band with a distinctive sound and they were way ahead of the times back then.

What do you think made Led Zeppelin stand out from the other bands in their heyday?

Their writing style was from another planet and they kept pushing the envelope, when those four guys got together, the planets aligned. They helped pave the way for real rock & roll music.

What is your favorite Led Zeppelin song and why?

There’s a few I dig but one of my absolute favourites would be “Black Dog”. It just has such a cool groove to it, you can’t not bop your head along to it and playing it on guitar is even more fun.

What can audiences expect at the Led Zeppelin Tribute Show on the 5th of November?

They can expect, passion, heart and soul from five big, big Led Zeppelin fans, doing it our way, paying tribute, to one of, if not thee biggest rock band ever.

I’d like to thank Werner Bosman for this interview and I wish him all of the best with Saturday’s show at the Good Luck Bar. If you don’t have tickets yet, get yours HERE.

Alternatively, feel free to crank up the classic Led Zeppelin song “Black Dog” below to get yourself in the mood for some rock ‘n roll.

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