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A Quick Pre Capital Craft 2017 chat with Zionruts Family


Zionruts Family is just one of the awesome acts that will be gracing the music stages at Capital Craft 2017 on the 10th of June.

This Reggae Band was formed by Rutsman Spice and Zion Dawta. The band does original songs and covers and spreads the message of peace, love and harmony.  Their musical influences include Bob Marley, LKJ, Twinkle Brothers and Marcia Griffiths.

I recently had a chat to the band, this is what they had to say:

Where does the name Zionruts Family come from?

The name Zionruts family came from joining the first four letters of our first names Ziondawter and Rutsman Spice and family was more of unifying all of us including the instrument players as one band not separated by ethnics or tribalism but being one.

What have you been up to lately?

Lately we have been recording our second album along with preparing for our UK performance in Bristol and we are on we went on tour the first week of May from Tuesday 2 May until Sunday 7 May in Gauteng and Mpumalanga.

What is favorite quote about music?

Well, there is a lot, but to cut it short we can say the message and connection it gives us directly to our fans so it’s all about “Peace, Love inside the arms of Harmony”

What can beer and music lovers expect from your set at Capital Craft 2017?

Beer and music lovers can expect the best from Zionruts family as we will be much expressing the love in the air, they must bring their dancing shoes as we will drift in a musical journey which will help them swallow their beer smoothly.

I’d like to thank Zionruts Family for this interview and I wish them all of the best with their future musical endeavors and their performance at Capital Craft 2017. To get an idea of their sound, listen to their song “Keep On Survivin'” below:

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