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A quick pre Oppikoppi chat with Albert Frost


Albert Frost is a SA Music legend of note. This amazing musician hails from Tulbagh in the Western Cape and has been playing gigs since the mid 1990’s. He’s played at every single Oppikoppi festival over the years (and before you start saying that it’s only 22, think again – you’re not taking the Easter Koppis and New Year’s Koppis into account, so it’s probably more).

Frost is on the line-up for this year’s festival again and his set promises to be one of the highlights of the festival. It’s always a pleasure watching him perform and if you’re a fan of Blues / Rock and you have not seen him live, shame on you.

I recently had a chat to Albert Frost about Oppikoppi and a few other things. This is what he had to say:

When you think of Oppikoppi, what comes to mind?

Music appreciation!

What have you been up to lately?

I’ve been busy launching my new album The Wake Up to audiences across the country and it’s been going very well.

What are you currently working on?

I’m still busy promoting the album and working on the music video for my next single Modern Romance. Myself and Loki Rothman are putting together a show for KKKNK next year. But right now I am also working on Schalk Joubert’s Koppi set.

What is the funniest you’ve experienced at Oppikoppi?

As I was setting up for my set a couple of years ago at the James Phillips stage I heard some guy shout “Albert! Jy is my pa!”

What can audiences expect from your set at Oppikoppi this year?

A great mix of my new material as well as some blues classics. I’m also bringing along Pietman Geldenhuys, Schalk Joubert and Jonno Sweetman so expect alot of jamming and also, seeing as it’s the closing set of the festival you never know who might jump up on stage…

I’d like to thank Albert Frost for this interview and I wish him all the best with his set at Oppikoppi this year. Make sure that you don’t miss it or you’ll miss out.

General Admission tickets for Oppikoppi cost R850. Get yours now or you’ll be paying R950 for a late ticket.

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Live photo taken by Justin Lee Photography at STRAB.

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