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A quick pre Oppikoppi chat with Scarlotte Will


Scarlotte Will is a four-piece alternative rock band from Gauteng. They were formed in Randfontein in 2014 and within the first year of their formation, they performed alongside Gangs of Ballet, Tidal Waves, Blazin’ Gooch, Shadowclub, Naming James, Akkedis Band, aKING, Jack Parow, the Black Cat Bones  and The Ballistics (the cream of South African music) and at Oppikoppi in 2015.

Scarlotte Will will also be playing at Oppikoppi 2016 and their set promises to be one for the books. I had a quick chat to Tristan Dos Santos from the band about this festival and a few other things, this is what he had to say:

When you think of Oppikoppi, what comes to mind and why?

Dust, friends, family, rockers, 3 days of heaven /3 days of hell (could be either or both!), True freedom. There’s nothing one could compare it to. There’s always mixed feelings but it comes down to this: passion and love.

What have you been up to lately?

We launched our Second EP in April accompanied by a national launch tour with our brothers Blazin’ Gooch. We have been busy with tribute shows (Foo Fighters / Arctic Monkeys) and we’re preparing for down time to actually write a new and full album. We have no idea what that is going to be and that’s the best part.

What is the funniest thing you’ve experienced at an Oppikoppi festival?

Funniest thing.. Ha ha ha.. There’s so many. There was this large man with a dildo taped to his head two years ago.. Mathew Tager and I fell asleep in front of James Philips stage in each others arms.. Oh and Xan Swart will tackle the shit out of you if you’re sitting on a cooler box (don’t ever sit on one)  – so many censored moments…

What is your favorite quote about music?

“Music is simple. All you need is a great riff” Unknown

What can music lovers expect from your set at this year’s Oppikoppi festival?

Well we get to start the weekend on James Phillips at 12 PM on Friday afternoon… A few badass riffs and maybe a drum and bass surprise during the set.. We wanna get people into this thing with a bang – and what’s even better is Pollinator is right after us so I promise there won’t be any disappointments!

I’d like to thank Tristan and Scarlotte Will for this interview and I wish them all of the best with their set at the festival and future musical endeavors.

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