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A quick pre Oppikoppi chat with Shortstraw


Shortstraw have been around for quite some time. I still remember watching them live for the first time at the first Park Acoustics I attended way back in February 2011 and I have to admit that they’ve improved a LOT since that show.

I saw them live twice on one weekend in June, but I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of them. Shortstraw just has the ability to turn one’s frown upside down – it doesn’t matter how grumpy you are. For this reason, I’m extremely glad that they’re playing Oppikoppi this year.

I recently had a chat to them about Oppikoppi and a few other things. This is what they had to say.

When you think of Oppikoppi, what comes to mind?

Well, the obvious answer is dust, right? That, and questionable decisions mixed with top class music and the best people. And replying with “KOPPI” when drunk okes shout “OPPI” at you.

What are you guys working on at the moment?

A bunch of stuff. We’re trying to make Boosh Music a real thing (i.e., a company that doesn’t only deal with one band), trying to figure out how the hell to make ourselves known in new territories, trying to finish up some new material and trying to find the time to make some new videos and stuff. Lots of trying.

What is your favorite quote about dust?

I have legitimately never heard a quote about dust, so I’ll just make one up… “Dust is like cocaine, except it doesn’t give you ideas for adverts.”

What are your thoughts on the current state of SA Music?

It’s really great at the moment. There’s a real community among the bands involved and when we all come together, we get shit done! We still need more venues, but with places like the Good Luck Bar around supporting local bands like there’s no tomorrow, the future looks bright.

Then there’s that whole 90% thing, which, in an ideal world, is going to help spread local music to people who hadn’t heard a lot of it before, which should hopefully result in more people coming to local shows. I mean, it’s still early days, but a girl can dream…

What can audiences expect from Shortstraw’s set at Oppikoppi this year?

Well, we’re lucky enough to be bringing Boosh to Koppi. Boosh is a little mini festival of sorts that we started hosting in 2011 where we get a bunch of our friends in bands to play a lekker Sunday arvie show to a bunch of our friends and friends of their friends (everyone is friends).

So, on the Saturday of Oppi, we’re hosting a bunch of our friends on the Bruilof stage, where we’ll do our best to convince everyone that it’s actually a Sunday! There’ll be some tequila, dubious stage decor, great music and maybe a few surprises, all MC’d by our dashing friend, Jason Lume – just like a real Boosh! Shortstraw’s set will be filled with the normal amount of fart jokes and pop music, maybe with a cameo here or there.

I’d like to thank Shortstraw for taking time off to answer the questions for this interview. I wish them all of the best with everything they’re trying to do.

General Admission tickets for Oppikoppi cost R850. Get yours now or you’ll be paying R950 for a late ticket.

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