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A quick pre Oppikoppi chat with The Tazers


The Tazers are a Psychedlic Rock ‘n Roll band from Johannesburg. Earlier in 2016 they released an EP entitled “Time Machine” and after spinning it a few times I have to admit that it must be one of the coolest SA Music releases of the year.

To quote Between 10 and 5: “Their latest EP sees six tracks come together in a heady mix of psychedelic rock, blues, and good old fashioned rock ‘n roll to create a resoundingly gritty sound, stitched together through blazing guitar solos, low, crooning vocals and smooth, rolling drumbeats.”

The members of The Tazers are Jethro Lock (on lead vocals and guitar), Tim Edwards (on drums and backup vocals) and Guido Assmann (on bass). I was lucky enough to catch their set at Mieliepop Festival earlier in 2016 and I have to say that I was blown away. They also had the same effect on me when I caught their set at one of Bobbejaan’s Red Right Hand parties in April.

I recently had a chat to the band about Oppikoppi and a few other things. This is what they had to say:

When you think of Oppikoppi, what comes to mind? 

Dusty tunes and debaucherous antics. Oppikoppi is like giving head, because you know you’re gonna get fucked.

So, what has The Tazers been up to lately?

We’ve recently just finished a tour to Cape Town & Eastern Cape, where we played psych night & the national arts festival in Grahamstown. It was rad.  New material is trickling in.

What are your thoughts about the current state of SA Music?

We’re optimistic about it to say the least. There are so many rad bands emerging that we respect and the venues supporting the scene are levelling up.

What is your favourite quote about Rock Music?

“Rock & Roll might be played on an electric guitar but it was born on an acoustic guitar” Tim Edwards

What can fans expect from your set at Oppikoppi 2016?

Nudity, free merch & a road tested set of dirty psychedelic rock & roll.

I’d like to thank The Tazers for this interview and I wish them all of the best with the set at Oppikoppi this year. I will definitely make an effort NOT to miss it and you should be doing that too.

If you’re not familiar with their music, crank up their EP below, if you’re a fan of rock ‘n roll you won’t be disappointed.

General Admission tickets for Oppikoppi cost R850. Get yours now or you’ll be paying R950 for a late ticket.

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