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William Shatner was born on the 22nd of March 1931 (79 years ago yesterday) in Montreal, Quebec in Canada. He made his film debut in 1951 when he starred in The Butler’s Night Off. He made his television debut in 1953 when he appeared on Space Command. William Shatner is probably best known for his role as Captain Kirk on the Science Fiction series Star Trek (which aired on television between 1966 and 1969).

He’s also starred in various Star Trek movies. More recently William Shatner starred in the legal television series Boston Legal as veteran lawyer Denny Crane. In 2007 he also appeared in a television advert for the MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) World of Warcraft. William Shatner is not only an actor, he’s also a musician (credited with contributions to 5 studio albums) and novelist (credited with contributions to 26 works) by profession.

Here are some quotes from William Shatner:

“Writing is truly a creative art – putting word to a blank piece of paper and ending up with a full-fledged story rife with character and plot.”

“When I did the film Generations, in which the character died, I felt like a guest for the first time. That made me very sad.”

“There’s an ecstasy about doing something really good on film: the composition of a shot, the drama within the shot, the texture… It’s palpable.”

“The basic quality that any great story must have is a story that illustrates the human condition.”

“Sci-fi films are the epic films of the day because we can no longer put 10,000 extras in the scene – but we can draw thousands of aliens with computers.”

“Nobody could have imagined the phenomenon that ‘Star Trek’ became. It’s still almost impossible to imagine.”

“In my proudest moments, I think I had a real hand in the creative force of making “Star Trek.” But most of the time, I don’t think about it.”

“If you make a fool of yourself, you can do it with dignity, without taking your pants down. And if you do take your pants down, you can still do it with dignity.”

“If saving money is wrong, I don’t want to be right!”

“I’ve got rock ‘n’ roll in my blood.”

“I’m looking for the perfect paintball movie.”

“I think the supernatural is a catch-all for everything we don’t understand about the vast other parts of life that we cannot perceive.”

“Here’s something pompous – you take your day and artistically create it, so every moment has an artistic flavor.”

“Babies have big heads and big eyes, and tiny little bodies with tiny little arms and legs. So did the aliens at Roswell! I rest my case.”

“Acting is easier – writing is more creative. The lazy man vies with the industrious.”

“A director is a choreographer, both politically and creatively.”

“I am not a Starfleet commander, or T.J. Hooker. I don’t live on Starship NCC-170…[some audience members say ‘one’], or own a phaser. And I don’t know anybody named Bones, Sulu, or Spock. And no, I’ve never had green alien sex, though I’m sure it would be quite an evening. [Pomp and Circumstance begins playing] I speak English and French, not Klingon! I drink Labatt’s, not Romulan ale! And when someone says to me ‘Live long and prosper’, I seriously mean it when I say, ‘Get a life’. My doctor’s name is not McCoy, it’s Ginsberg. And tribbles were puppets, not real animals. PUPPETS! And when I speak, I never, ever talk like every. Word. Is. Its. Own. Sentence. I live in California, but I was raised in Montreal. And yes, I’ve gone where no man has gone before, but I was in Mexico and her father gave me permission! My name is William Shatner, and I am Canadian!”

“How do I stay so healthy and boyishly handsome? It’s simple. I drink the blood of young runaways.”

“Remember-you can’t beam through a force field. So, don’t try it.”

“Stop and smell the garlic! That’s all you have to do.”

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