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RAMFest 2016 Postponed


Breaking News! This morning RAMFest updated their status on Facebook page with this message:

The really, really strange South African currency situation has forced us to cancel all of the international artists provisionally booked for RAMfest over the weekend. Unfortunately we have therefore been forced to postpone RAMfest. Sorry about that guys but our hands have been cut off. We have no choice in these crazy times. We will be in touch. (PS: everyone who has bought tickets already will be refunded). Thanks, the RAMfest team.

I’m gutted because this means that Black Rebel Motorcycle Club will NOT be playing in South Africa in March 2016. I’ve been waiting for 5 years to actually see this band and now this happens.

Take note: Ticket holders will be able to get full refunds from Computicket.

I am not blaming the RAMfest organizers though, I’m blaming the South African president, Jacob Zuma. He’s the one who appointed two different finance ministers in one week, causing the Rand to plummet over the R16 / $1 mark and R23 / £1 mark last week.

It has recovered a bit since Pravin Gordan was restored as Finance Minister on Sunday, but I doubt that the Rand will return to it’s pre-2009 under R8 / $1 level soon. So, I’m definitely of the opinion that #ZumaMustFall.

And if you feel like bitching because “this is RAMFest’s fault” or “RAMfest did not book the bands early enough”, shut the hell up. There’s a lot of logistics that go into organizing an event that you are probably not aware of.

I totally think that the organizers should consider hosting a local-only RAMFest though, local is very lekker at the moment, so I’m thinking, why the hell not? It’s less logistics and there are TONS of bands out there who can play… What do you think?

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