6 Random and Obscure Facts To Start Up A Conversation

Looking for random and obscure facts to start up a conversation? This article gives you just that…

Here’s a fact: We are social beings. And as social beings, we need to get together in groups to socialize. Another set of random facts: We are born in social groups. We will die in one as well. But socialization brings with it a whole set of skills that one needs to acquire to become an expert.

Most of us won’t develop the natural skills to navigate social gatherings expertly. Some of us are naturally socially awkward. And some will be a graceful social butterfly that can do no wrong when in front of a crowd.

So if you’re one of those socially awkward people that needs a little help in the starting a conversation department, try asking something peculiar like which bird has a brain smaller than either of its eyeballs? Animal facts are always a got-to conversation starter.  If you still need some ideas, here are random facts you need to have in your arsenal to fill in those awkward gaps:

1. The first computer was built in the 1940’s

Computers may sound like they were a thing of the present, but the first computers were born in the 1940s. Yes, the 1940’s. When World War II is at its peak, in as early as 1940, computer models were present. But it was all still under construction.

ENIAC, which is the first modern computer, didn’t materialize until 1946. This is around the time when the wars were made. The inventors, Eckert and Mauchly, were students of the University of Pennsylvania. They’ve started working on their concept in 1943. When finished, ENIAC used up to 1,800 square feet of space.

First Computer - Facts

2. Scotland’s national animal is the unicorn

This is one of the most random facts, ever. The unicorn, which is a mythical creature that was believed to be a woodland creature, is Scotland’s national animal. The creature was greatly hinted at in European culture. It was supposedly a symbol of purity and grace.

Scotlands National Animal - Facts

It came to be that Scotland’s Royal Coat of Arms featured two unicorns supporting the Kings of Scotland. In today’s version of the Royal Coat of Arms of UK, it features unicorn supporting Scotland and a lion for England.

3. Animals can be allergic to humans

Most people think that allergy to pets and animals is a one-sided thing. Wrong. Some animals can be allergic to human beings, although it’s not because of our fur. What makes animals allergic to humans is more common than you think.

The perfume you’re wearing or the soap you’ve been using are the main culprits why some animals may be allergic to you. The phenomenon is observed heavily in cats and dogs. So if you want your furry friend to cuddle to you, be careful in choosing your hygiene products.

4. Mosquitoes are the reason for most human death by an animal

While modern metropolitans and emerging cities worldwide don’t have a mosquito problem, the rest of the world has. In suburbs and boondocks, mosquitoes thrive year-round. These critters carry with them fatal diseases like malaria, dengue, etc. Millions die of diseases from mosquito bites every year. The numbers are exceptionally high in third-world countries.

Mosquitoes - Facts

5. The brain is mostly fat

Yep, you’ve read that right. The human brain, which is the center of our cognitive thinking, is mostly made up of fat. Sixty-percent of the brain is fat, but they’re good fats! Thankfully! So stuff yourself up with fatty acids so that your brain will create quality nerve cell membranes. Still, this doesn’t allow you to call someone smart a literal fathead.

Brain - Facts

6. Too much water kills

Do you have a friend that constantly reminds you to drink water? Bless them. But when they’re toeing the line of being excessive, tell them that too much water can dissolve the body! Yes, dissolve. Water intoxication is real. When you drink more than enough water, the body will start to eat your organs slowly!

And there are real cases of overhydration throughout the years. The most notable is athlete Cynthia Lucero, a Boston runner who died of – yes, you guessed it – overhydration. Athletes are more prone to overhydration in general. This is because they sweat so much. The loss of sodium in the body can’t be remedied by drinking lots of water.


Store these facts in your brain and pull them out the next time you go socializing. Gauge the room, of course, or the person you’re socializing with before reciting them. It will be more awkward when you just spew out facts without context at all. There is an art to reading social cues, but that’s another article at another time.

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