Ranking Your Website on Google is Not Rocket Science

Having trouble ranking your website on Google? Fact is, it’s not Rocket Science.

According to research, most of the people who search on Google clicks on the results that are obtained on the front page. So if you are not able to rank your website on Google on the top page then you are likely to lose lots of potential visitors to your website.

Google is by far the most popular search engine in the world and therefore if a website is not drawing traffic from Google then it is likely that it is not going to do well in the other search engines as well.

Ranking on Google

Other search engines also follow Google more or less and therefore if you are able to rank your website on Google then the chances are that other popular search engine results would also respect them. So let us find out what exactly we need to do in order to enable our website Google friendly.

If you are looking to rank your website on the top page of Google then first you need to understand a few things. To get started, you should understand that there are not one but many keywords through which you could drive traffic from Google.

Hence you need to know the smart ways, in which you can rank your website on the top of Google. If you try to find out the keywords that have high competition then the chances of ranking the website on Google would be lesser. However, if you look out for long tail keywords then you would stand a better chance.

Keyword Research

Let us try to understand this with the help of an example. Let us assume that you have a website that is related to gambling tips. In this case, if you focus on ranking the words like gambling tips that it would be very difficult for you to rank your website on the top page of Google for such a keyword phrase because there are going to be hundreds of websites that are bigger, older and have more budget than you to promote and rank them better for that keyword.

So it would be better if you be more specific and try to provide tips on more deeper long tail subjects like ‘poker holdem tips for beginners’, or ‘tips on table game ABC’ that are not popular. What it would do is that it would give your chance to rank your website better for these keywords because there is less competition for them. You can use Google AdWords keyword research tool and other free online tools for researching and preparing the sets of such keywords.

An easy way to find out how much competition does a keyword has is by simply going to Google and typing that word. If you get any search results like more than 10 millions then it is said to have lots of competition. Less than a million is considered moderate competition and anything less than that would be simply great and you will have a better chance to rank your website for those keywords.

Methods to improve rankings

Now what your prepare a list of the keywords that you have to target to promote to get better Google rankings, then you have to follow certain procedures to promote your website on the Internet and Google so that it gradually picks of its ranking for that specific sets of keywords.

The most effective and popular way to increase and improve the ranking of your website for specific set of keywords is by increasing the number of back links associated with that keyword. For that you have to follow certain procedures like

  • Article writing and submitting them to different websites,
  • Buying links from other website ranking that set of keywords,
  • Promoting your websites on social platforms and some other ways that can be helpful in gradually increasing the ranking of your website.

Google Ads for instant rankings

If you have a good budget for your website then you can also buy Google ad space and give yourself a chance to rank your website instantly on the top page of Google for those sets of keywords. However, you should understand that this can go expensive and if you do not know how exactly you have to experiment with it, and then you should try to first learn it and then gradually start bidding on keywords.

Viral Marketing

Another popular way of driving instant traffic to your website is viral marketing which is getting quite popular these days. This has nothing to do with Google rankings but you can simply produce an interesting content in the form of a video or info graphics or any similar format that is eye catching and then promotion link of your website associated with that content. You can use social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or YouTube for this purpose. This can drive instant traffic to your website what should be quickly but this does not last long.

An important point that you have to remember is that you did not to spam the internet in anyways and you have to do the link building process gradually and in a slow and steady manner. Apart from it, ranking your websites in social platforms like Facebook, Twitter is also helpful.


At the end of the day, it is said that if you build a website by heart and try to help and serve the purpose of the website genuinely then your website will become popular in Google. The best way to develop a website is by assuming that no search engine exists. What it means is that you should be honest and committed to serve the purpose of the website and if you do this well then sooner or later it will automatically pick up from the word of mouth and become successful.

We hope that you were able to get an idea about ranking your website in Google. If you have any questions related to this topic, then we would be happy to answer them. Please leave a comment and let us know your feedback about this article is well.

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