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Reasons Why Game of Thrones is the best show on TV


Game of Thrones Season 3 started in the USA 3 weeks ago. It’s one of my favorite TV shows of all time. It’s amazing how many fans Game of Thrones has built up over the last 3 years. I’m not not too sure when Game of Thrones is going to hit South African shores though, so I guess SA fans will have to wait for a little while longer.

Game of Thrones tells the story of seven noble families fighting for control of the mythical land of Westeros. I have to admit that I hate the Lannisters the most. I can’t stand Joffrey Baratheon, but I love the way that Tyrion Lannister handles himself. I’ve never seen a dwarf with so much attitude in my entire life.

Actually Game of Thrones is 6 television shows rolled into 1. I’m a huge fan of three of them and I don’t like the other three at all. The Walking Dead is one of coolest Zombie TV shows that have been made, How I Met Your Mother just gets more interesting and funny with every newly released season and CSI also does not get old (even though the original series is currently in it’s 13th season in the USA). I can’t stand Gossip Girl. I think it’s retarded. I also think that Two and a Half men has lost it’s edge ever since Charlie Sheen was fired from the show by CBS and I’ve never watched an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras (and I don’t intend to either).

What do you think? Do you think Game of Thrones is the best show on TV or not? Leave a comment and let me know. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here.

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