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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: Recover lost hard drive data for FREE


Data loss. If it has not happened to you yet, then it likely will at some point in the future. As computers get smarter and smarter, more and more mistakes get made.

Especially with the deeply intuitive Windows 10, there are more places that files are stored and many of them relatively unknown to the common user.

That means that files get lost, deleted and misplaced or overwritten on a scale that is larger than ever. The best thing to do is not panic, many times it is as easy as reversing a few steps.

Here’s what you can do to recover data

Depending on the type of file and the way it was deleted, the first thing to do, if possible, is to “undo” your last step, if this is possible. That varies a lot from situation to situation, so it is a bit in your hands for that step, but sometimes a simply control plus z can save the day.

Then, check the recycle bin if that was not successful, also, make sure that it has not been saved in the cloud automatically, it often is.

When all else fails, hard drive recovery is easy with the right tools. EaseUS Data Recovery Free is one of the simplest around, and, obviously, free!

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First off, do not turn off or restart the computer where the files were deleted from

If possible, this can make it easier to have a high level of success with hard drive recovery. A computer typically does not write over the space where recent data was stored unless it is needed or told to, however, restarting a computer, making too many changes and “panic” actions can speed up the process of covering up your files forever.

Hard drive recovery starts with downloading EaseUS Data Recovery Free

Installing it is very easy. Once it is installed, fire up the software and allow it to have admin rights if it asks. When it gets going, the screen and menu are easy, simply choose the hard drive where the file or files were last stored and click “scan”.

It may take a few minutes, do not interrupt it, and a list of all the deleted files will populate in no time. This list can be searched, filtered or handled in the same way that a file directory can be indexed.

The longer the file has been gone, the less information it may have in the list. First, be specific and search directly for it, and if not found, loosen up the search a bit.

The Hard drive recovery feature can cover one or two files or an entire hard drive and there may be certain limits to the free edition, but EaseUS Data Recovery Free will likely cover anything that a common user or even a small business might accidentally delete.

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Just relax, take everything one step at a time and limit the changes to the hard drive in question before using the software. It’s easy and you may even find some files you didn’t even know had been there, happy hunting.

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