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Introducing Red Light Stereo


Red Light Stereo have been rocking together for two and a half years. I had a chat to them.

“Daydreaming” is one of the funkiest SA rock songs on our airwaves at the moment. Red Light Stereo is made up of Dylan Rhodes (vocals), Gareth Purchase (Lead Guitar), Donovan Blom (Drums) and Lliam Scholtz (Bass Guitar).

Not just a four piece rock band, two of the band members, Dylan and Lliam are both studying their LLB and will soon be fully qualified Attorneys. Although they are both going to focus on the music rather than getting people out of jail; for now.

Red Light Stereo
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Red Light Stereo are the epitome of fun, something which is evident in their music video for Daydreaming. Friendly, and amusing, they were more than happy to chat away about their love of music and where they hope to see themselves in the future. Wembley Stadium being the ultimate dream.

For the time being they would loved to be signed to a record label, and I don’t think they are far off from making that dream come true.

They have played in various competitions including Battle of the Bands in Pretoria, where they placed second, in a tie with Catlike Thieves, and beaten only by the up and coming December Streets.

They also performed exceptionally well at the RBF / SABC Emerging Sounds Battle of the Bands, where over a hundred South African bands compete for this brilliant title. They won the Durban heat of the competition, beating 19 other bands and travelled to Johannesburg to compete against bands from Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg and Pretoria in the semi finals.

The band placed third overall, although they were ranked the winner by one of the three Judges; a fantastic achievement considering the talent of SA musicians of late.

They all agree that South African bands such as Prime Circle, Plush, Zebra and Giraffe, Aking, Graeme Watkins Project and the Parlotones inspire them. Internationally they are all fans of Coldplay, Swithfoot, The Beatles and Kings of Leon.

The boys of Red Light Stereo have a chemistry between them

I can only describe it as brotherhood. They look out for each other, they mock each other relentlessly and the constant stream of conversation between them is one of genuine friendship. Another fantastic quality of the four boys is loyalty, not just to each other but to their friends and family and, of course, their fans.

Sadly the turnout the Fever X Games event was poor to say the least yet when they took to the stage you would think they were playing to a crowd of 500 people. The passion and enthusiasm was still in strong force and a bit (read a lot) of rain did nothing to dampen their spirit.

These four musicians who make up Red Light Stereo are determined to make a name for themselves on the SA music scene and they are definitely on the right track. They will be hard at work in studio from January and I truly believe we should all expect great things from Red Light Stereo.

Check out the music video for “Daydreaming” below:

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