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Review: Ivacy VPN


Have you considered using Ivacy VPN? Well you should. Seeing how there are a ton of VPNs, it does not make it easy for individuals and businesses to determine which one is best for their needs and requirements.

A VPN is even more of a necessity these days, especially considering how a lot of people are working from home due to the Coronavirus epidemic, and they will need all the online protection they can get. So if you are looking for a reliable VPN that is cost effective, you need not look further than Ivacy VPN.

Of course, you may not entirely be sure that Ivacy VPN is for you, and that is completely fair. However, let’s take a closer look at the VPN provider so that you are much more capable of making an informed decision.

Here’s why you should consider using Ivacy VPN

Countless Features

One of the best things about Ivacy VPN is that it has something to offer for everyone. Whether you need military grade encryption or unparalleled upload and download speeds, Ivacy VPN has it all.

What is really important when it comes to a VPN is the number of servers it has to offer, which this VPN provider has plenty of. To be more precise, with Ivacy VPN you will get access to 1000+ servers in 100+ locations, and there are no restrictions as to how many times you can actually connect to those servers.

Apart from the outstanding number of servers to choose from, you will get access to effective security features that will ensure you are safe and secure online, but only as long as you stay connected to a VPN server. Features like Internet Kill Switch, Military Grade Encryption, Secure DNS, IPv6 Leak Protection, etc. will give you all the security you will need to give hackers and cybercriminals a run for their money.

Ivacy VPN
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Plentiful Use Cases

Now that you have an idea what to expect from Ivacy VPN in terms of features, but what can you actually do with them? For starters, if you just want to sit back and relax, and stream your favorite content during the Coronavirus epidemic, then you will be pleased to know you will be able to do just that and so much more. Not only will you be able to enjoy a seamless streaming experience due to zero ISP throttling, but you will also be able to access your favorite movies, TV shows, etc. by connecting to VPN servers from different regions.

On the other hand, people working from home, can freely use Ivacy VPN and its dedicated IP feature to connect to private networks, so that they can work without hassles. All they need to do is to get the dedicated IP whitelisted, and they will be good to go!

Even though, it is highly unlikely anyone will be traveling during the ongoing epidemic, but it worth mentioning Ivacy VPN is great for travelers. Features like Public Wi-Fi Security will protected said travelers whenever they connect to insecure networks.

If it is not obvious enough, with Ivacy VPN the possibilities are endless!


Last but not the least, Ivacy VPN has extremely affordable subscription plans to choose from, which are as follows:

1 Month $9.95

5 Years $90

1 Year $42.00

Not only are they affordable, but if you are not satisfied in any way, you can get a refund via the 30-day money back guarantee. Of course, the chances of that happening are less, especially considering the fact the VPN provider has a customer support team that is available 24/7, and they are quite helpful to say the least.

Now that you know what to expect from Ivacy VPN, you will be able to reach a thorough conclusion. Although, there is no denying the fact there is a lot to look forward to with Ivacy VPN.

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