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Review: Oasis Experience – 7 July 2018


On the 7th of July 2018, the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens played host to first ever Oasis Experience. With acts like Goldfish, Shekhinah and Crazy White Boy featuring Apple Gule, it was clear that we were set for an epic day.

The sun was out, drinks were in hand, and we were ready to be entertained. Kaldenberg kicked off the day’s festivities. The crowd was still smallish, but they put on a great set.

Little Ringo has become one of my favourite bands lately and they have been on fire in the 012. They also played at the July edition of Park Acoustics and they opened the stage for Jack Parow at Arcade Empire last night. Their sound is catchy, leaving you to want more and more. You can’t help but move along to their sweet melodies and jam along to their cover of The Black Keys’ “Lonely Boy”. Original songs are also heard on the airwaves.

Little Ringo - Oasis Experience
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Even though there were some sound issues, Go the Rodeo owned the stage. They don’t perform in Pretoria enough for my liking, but I always try to go out and see them when I have the chance. Everyone jammed along to songs like “Sea Dog”, “Set Fire” and “Glass Walls”.

Go To The Rodeo - Oasis Experience
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If you aren’t familiar with I Am yet, then 1. where the hell have you been? And 2. you’re going to love them. Their energy is so infectious, you just want to jump around and party along with them. The whole crowd got swept away by songs like “Stay”, “FTS” which is by far my favourite song of theirs, and “Fables”.

I Am - Oasis Experience
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Easy Freak made the whole Oasis Experience crowd want to move their feet (that rhyming wasn’t intentional). Not only are they amazing performers on stage, they are also super friendly. The crowd swayed along to “Good Times” and “So Lonely”.

Shekhinah is a superstar in her own right. I have been a fan of hers ever since her South African Idol days, and I am so happy that she has had so such success lately. She’s a SAMA winner, in not one but five categories! She performed songs off of her SAMA winning album, Rose Gold, and older favourites like “Back to the Beach” and “Let You Know”.

Shekhinah - Oasis Experience
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Chrizz Beatz and Vin D had us all up and dancing. The area in front of the stage became more and more cramped as more people came closer to groove along to their respective sets.

Crazy White Boy featuring Apple Gulegave the crowd a treat as the sun was beginning to set. There was barely enough space to dance around in front of the stage, and the crowd stretched back as far as one could see. “Live Your Music” wasn’t just a song, everyone literally lived themselves into the music. It was epic to be a part of that.

Goldfish barely needs any introduction, but their introduction on the Oasis Experience stage was a special one. Goldfish won a SAMA earlier this year, but was unable to attend the award ceremony. They were presented with their SAMA award on stage in front of the entire National Botanical Garden’s crowd.

Goldfish - Oasis Experience
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And then it was a right old party with songs like “One Million Views” and newer ones which included “If I Could Find”. The party continued with Austin Cassim and Mac G keeping everyone moving as the cold winter night cooled things down. Luckily the bar stocked enough red wine to keep us warm while dancing until late.

Kudos to the organizers of Oasis Experience. I am really hoping that there’s another one next year.

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