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Review of Sowing The Seeds 2013 from a competition winner


Sadly I could not attend the second edition of Sowing the Seeds in Mpumalanga over the weekend, but luckily one of my competition winners did. I heard that it was pretty awesome, but I’m glad that Justine (and her friend) managed to attend the festival to give me some feedback.

According to Justine “Sowing the Seeds  was a great way to get away from the city life for a weekend. Great friends, great music, great vibe! Thousands of crazy drunk people at a campsite with all your good friends is all you need to have a good time!

The music was awesome, there was something for everyone, from the electronic stage to get your energy levels going to the chilled out music to get your day started! When the stages closed everyone walked back to their campsites with huge smiles on their faces!

Anything you needed be it coffee, food, the bar, or the stage it was just a 2 minute walk from the campsite.  Sowing the Seeds has definitely been one of my favorite festivals so far and if this was just the warm up to Rocking the Daisies then you can count me in.”

There you have it, Sowing the Seeds out of the horse’s mouth. Next year I’ll try to make an effort to get my festival loving arse over there. Let’s hope it’s going to be just as epic as this year.

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