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Review: Park Acoustics – 2 September 2018


Spring was clearly in the air as we made our way back to the Voortrekker Monument (as we do each month). The organisers at Park Acoustics had a real treat for us. The line-up had me so excited: Bad Peter, Grassy Spark and aKing (just to name half).

It was a sold-out Park Acoustics. When we arrived there at 8:55, queues for the busses were already around the bend. It didn’t take long before Fort Schanskop became packed, even before the music even started.

Charlie Finch was the perfect start to the day. I haven’t heard much of his music before then, but wow, I was complete blown away by this talented man. It’s rare for a big crowd to
accumulate at the stage for the first act, but people swarmed to Finch and swayed along   to songs like “No Escape”, “Life’s a Journey”, and “The Chase”.

Charlie Finch at Park Acoustics
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I am a massive Bad Peter fangirl. When ever they perform nearby, I’m there. They know how to rock Park Acoustics, and everyone always jumps to their feet when Bad Peter is there. Their music is infectious, and one can’t help but start to dance along to “Let Go”, “On This River”, and “Faithful Lover”.

Bad Peter at Park Acoustics
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Grassy Spark picked up the pace from there. You know it’s a party when Grassy Spark get on the stage. They performed all my favourite songs off their album, Portal, which included “Mona Lisa” and “Living in a Paradise”.

Grassy Spark at Park Acoustics
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By now there wasn’t any more space in the Fort, the stage was crowded. Navigating around became a mission, but at least the friendly folk made the trek to the bar easier by offering sips of whatever they were drinking.

My all-time favourite Park Acoustics memories always involve aKing. I couldn’t contain my excitement anymore at this point. While it was clear most people were there to see Spoegwolf, aKING was THE band I waited all day to see (the thought of seeing them again got me through the day). I saw them for the first time at my very first Park Acoustics almost three years ago.

aKING at Park Acoustics
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The crowd went wild when aKING finally got on stage. And every song was a hit. From “Facebrick Constellations” and “Against All Odds” to “I Believe” and “Save as Houses”. The crowd sang along word for word. The sun was beating down on us all by now (and it’s not even summer yet!). Luckily the shade from the big tree and the ice from the bar helped cool down things a bit.

Spoegwolf was arguably the highlight of the day (for most of the crowd). There aren’t really any words to describe Spoegwolf on stage, it’s just something to experience first-hand.

The passion and energy of Danie resonates through the crowd. Songs like “Lenie Blou” and “Winter” seemed to have a few members of the crowd nearly in tears. It was quite an experience. The heat died down (mostly), the sun was almost beginning to set. It was a great day, a very memorable Park Acoustics…

Photos were taken by Ferdie Snyman

Next month will be one for the books. I mean where else would you see acts like
Hellcats, The Narrow and Boo! on one stage. That would definitely be another sold-out day.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Music category on Running Wolf’s Rant.


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