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Album Review: Pedro Barbosa – Reborn


Pedro Barbosa is the Mozambican born front man of The Barbosa Experience and previously front man of the successful band Mrs B. Oh, yes, he is also my band mate in The Barbosa Experience and several other projects…

Last year Pedro started with his solo project and recorded his solo album. For me the album can be split in two. The first 5 songs: forget about Mrs. B and forget about The Barbosa Experience. On Reborn Pedro showcases his love for pure commercial music. The last 4 songs show how Pedro can make beautiful compositions. But let’s start at the start.

In general, I was struggling through the first five songs. For me the compositions are too thin, with chord progressions that are too repetitive. The generous use of compression, reverb and synthetic instruments is not something I enjoy. I understand that this is what radios nowadays enjoy playing but for me it is part of the “dumbing down of music” and I disagree with the simplifying of music so that it is easier accessible. This said, I believe Pedro is one of SA’s best singers and I have always loved his voice and how he expresses himself with it. And big kudos for the fantastic bass that Mark Beling put on What What.

The second part of the CD I love. The songs are beautiful, the music is original and the lyrics speak to me. Yes, I still hear the compression and the reverb but now it doesn’t bother me. For me this is where Pedro does excel even though the first songs of the album will probably do great on radio. My favorite song of the album, I Love You the Way You Are, comes from this part of the album. It reminds me of the strongest songs Pedro wrote for Mrs. B with tension that builds throughout the song. Well done!

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