Review: Post Malone Live in Johannesburg

Back in April Castle Lite announced who they would be unlocking this year. When it was first announced I thought it was a belated April fool’s joke. Post Malone for one night only in Johannesburg? Come on!

Castle Lite have featured local stars like Cassper Nyovest, Black Motion and Kwesta. Fact is, for the last couple of years they really been gushing out some major experienced talent. Since 2011 they have brought over artists like Drake, Kanye West, Wale, Wiz Khalifa, Timbaland, J Cole, Travis Scott, Bryson Tiller, Chance the Rapper

Anyways, but to my story. It was a legit gig and I was freaking out! I bought Post Malone tickets as soon as the site was live (which didn’t last long, as we know how temperamental these South African ticketing websites are). But I had two golden circle tickets in the bag, and only had to wait two months.

Castle Lite Unlocks

The wait was finally over and we set out to the Ticket Pro Dome. I was so thankful that the event would be held there and not at FNB Stadium. In the spirit of the event, we even drank some Castle Lites. This is not really my taste, but then again, not everyone has the same taste. Case in point: Me actually being at the Post Malone show.

Nasty C was already on stage when we ventured through the crowd to the front. We were there quite early because we weren’t exactly sure what time the doors opened or any of the finer details of when who would be performing.

We just went along with the flow. Now, just to clarify, I am a huge fan of Post Malone, but I won’t say that I like hip hop or am really very familiar with any other artist in this genre, especially other mumble rappers. But man, I was honestly blown away by the South African talent on stage during the night.

The energy of Nasty C was infectious. For a white girl, I do have some rhythm, and I got down to some of the beats. Nasty C really knew how to work the crowd. The arena wasn’t even halfway packed yet, but Nasty C engaged with every single person in the crowd, and those that knew his songs, “sang” along. Nasty C wasn’t on stage very long, only performed 3 songs, before the stage was being prepared for the next artist.

Rouge was the only female artist part of this year’s Castle Lite Unlocks performances. And in all honestly, I had no clue who Rouge was. But daaaammmnnn gurl. I don’t really know what I expected to hear when she appeared on stage, but I was impressed. She had moves, she had energy and she definitely had bars. She kicked off her set with “Bazigally”.

I was mesmerised with her and her dance squad’s moves. Even though I knew none of the words to the song, besides “Bazigally”, I did that part at least. A part of me wants to compare Rouge to the South African version of Nicki Minaj, but I feel like that would be a bit of an insult. Rouge even did  a little kickass freestyle in between sets because she can.

I only know Riky Rick thanks to The Voice South Africa. Little did I know that he could put on a show. As his set went on, I loved it even more. I even told my friend: “imagine how befok it would be if Francois van Coke leaves out Early B for the Francois van Coke and Friends show and adds Riky.” Days later it was announced that Riky is indeed part of the 2019 Van Coke & Vriende Show (together with Early B).

Tyla Yaweh is a mumble rapper from Florida. It was a little bit random when he came on stage, because at that point we all expected Post Malone. Where each previous performer only had 3 songs, Tyla had quite a lot more, even did his song “Gemini” twice. He liked to talk a lot during the songs, and the group of girls behind us seemed to get irritated with this “Florida bra”.

At one point Tyla started to crowdsurf into the audience. He wanted a moshpit, kept saying “open up the pit, open up the pit”. Now, as someone who witnessed RAMFest’s moshes just days before, I was shaking my head. As the bass finally dropped, the “moshpit” began. It was really cute to see. It really was as cute as a Teletubby moshpit would be, if you could imagine it. Luckily after the second over-autotuned version of “Gemini”, Tyla left the stage.

By now the anticipation was building and about to reach a climax. It was time to unlock the one and only Post Malone.

The music started, and right in front of us, Post appeared. After the previous act, it was only fitting that Post kicked off his set with “Over Now”, because the wait was finally over, Post Malone was actually right there on stage.

The stage design and pyrotechnics were top class: flames, little firework thingies (like I would know what they were called). I was seriously blown away by the show that Post Malone was actually giving.

Post Malone in SA

People can say what they want about Post, but he knows how to sell it. Obviously, the crowd freaked out when he did “rockstar” and “Better Now”. I was more excited for the lesser known songs that aren’t played on the radio, songs like “Sugar Wraith” and my favourite, “Candy Paint” (yes, I freaked out like a proper fan girl then”.

For those thinking Post Malone is just another autotuned mumbler, for “Stay” (goosebumps again) he whipped out an acoustic guitar, and actually sang. Sure, it obviously didn’t sound like it does on his album, but it was such a beautiful version, actually conveying the hurt that the song is about. I even almost shed a tear, which was then even more likely to happen when he started singing “I Fall Apart”.

For over an hour Post Malone had the crowd under his control, even me. No doubt, if Post Malone returns to South Africa, I would be right there, front and off-centre again.

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