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Review: Seether Live in Johannesburg – 20 May 2018


My girlfriend and I saw Seether live on Sunday the 20th of May 2018 at Marks Park in Emmerentia, Johannesburg. It was the first time since August 2012 that I saw them live and I wasn’t disappointed. This was my experience…

We arrived at the venue just in time to catch Hellcats at 1 PM. Before you could say “Prost” or “Cheers” I had my first beer in my hand and was happily snapping pictures of them. These Joburg rockers got the party started with an energetic set filled with magnificent drum hits and kiff riffs. One could see definitely see why they’ve opened for two other international acts this year (Incubus and DZ Deathrays).

Next up were Joburg rockers Deity’s Muse. I think this probably only the second time that I’ve watched them live, but I wasn’t disappointed at all. I wasn’t surprised to see that the growing crowd was really getting into the spirit of things because their set kicked ass on so many levels.

Next up was Afrikaans rock legend Francois Van Coke. Francois and Jedd Kossew entertained the crowd with an acoustic set of note. It didn’t take the crowd long to sing along to songs like “Toe Vind Ek Jou”, “Die Skip” and Fokofpolisiekar classics like “Hemel Op Die Platteland” and “Ek Skyn Heilig”. Our souls felt happy and enriched thanks to the acoustic duo (which is normally a full band).

CrashCarBurn made their way onto the stage an hour before the main act and immediately got the crowd to rock out. It was great seeing them live again and hearing some of the new songs off their new album (which was released earlier in 2018). I’m predicting that we’ll be seeing and hearing great things from them in the future.

By the time that CrashCarBurn‘s set finished a huge crowd had gathered in front of the stage for the main act, Seether and from the get-go of their set, they didn’t disappoint. Their set featured old favorites and tracks off their last album, Poison The Parish (which was released in 2017). The atmosphere was electric and it was great to hear the crowd singing along to songs like “Gasoline”, “Rise Above This”, “Country Song” and “Fine Again”.

I think it’s safe to say that even though Seether had their origins in the early 2000’s they are still extremely relevant and in touch with the rock scene in 2018. It was great seeing an act live that South African rock fans can be extremely proud of.

Kudos to BreakOut Management for bringing Seether to South Africa again and organizing a well-run event. Big thanks also go out to the bands who entertained us and the folks at the High Five Party Bus for getting us there in one piece. A special mention to Bianca and Kobus for getting us back home to Pretoria in one piece – you rock!

If you’re curious about which songs Seether played, check out the set list here.

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