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Review: Sporadies Nomadies @ The Atterbury Theatre


Sporadies Nomadies (Sporadically Nomadic) is an intimate theatre show where acoustic renditions of Die Heuwels Fantasties, Fokofpolisiekar, Lukraaketaar and Van Coke Kartel songs are performed by Hunter Kennedy (Fokofpolisiekar & Die Heuwels Fantasties), Francois Van Coke (Fokofpolisiekar & Van Coke Kartel) and Pierre Greeff (Die Heuwels Fantasties & Lukraaketaar). So what’s special about this show?

Let us use this: How many Bob Dylan live versions of “Blowing in the wind” and “Like a Rolling Stone” have u ever heard? Then ask yourself how many acoustic versions have you heard by the VanFokKingTasties Family? One could say that some of these songs are overplayed, but I can assure you, their colors have been revitalized with Sporadies Nomadies.

A lot of us have kept these songs close to our hearts the past 10 years. The great part is the story behind these songs, what happened when the song was written. One would feel that you get to know these guys better during this show:

  • “Tot die son Uitkom” – Francois’ love song, Jedd adding extra spice to the solo
  • “Klein Tambotieboom” – Pierre and Hunter, pure long road nostalgia
  • “Hemel op die platteland” – Need I say more?

Each different version / take of these awesome songs carries a special kind of energy. With Hunter on bass and vocals, Francois on acoustic guitar and vocals, Pierre on acoustic guitar and vocals, Jedd on electric guitar and backup Vocals, Sheldon on percussion. So let’s compare them to another interesting combination…

Who ever heard of The Dirty Mac? This was Mitch Mitchell (from the Jimi Hendrix Experience) on drums, John Lennon (from The Beatles) on vocals and guitar, Eric Clapton (from Cream and The Yardbirds) on Lead Guitar and Keith Richards (from The Rolling Stones) on bass.

The new Heuwels Drummer, Sheldon, fills in well (and he is not connected to #GeldWolf). The crowd singing loudly and passionately along to their favorite songs made for an absolutely nostalgic atmosphere. Sporadies Nomadies is proof that the South African Music industry is constantly evolving and it was a very well produced show and a great combination of very talented individuals. A job well done if you ask me. I definitely want to see more of them.

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