Road Rays in Johannesburg


Gauteng is well-known for its thunderstorms that usually occur between September and March every year. There’s nothing like a thunderstorm in Johannesburg and Pretoria – just ask anyone who lives there or has visited one of the two cities during those months and they’ll agree with you. Even UK rock band The Subways noted that they had not seen a storm like the one they experienced when they were in Johannesburg in late November this year.

There was another one of these storms yesterday in Gauteng. Chrisna Herbst (@ffreakazzoid on Twitter) was driving on the M1 highway in Johannesburg yesterday and captured a photo of the Road Rays (Sunrays shining through the clouds while she was on the road) with her phone. It’s one of the coolest photos that I’ve seen and has been selected as the Daily Cool Photo onĀ Running Wolf’s Rant for today.

Road Rays

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