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ROARFest 2019: Full Line-Up Announced


Breakout Events is pleased to announce ROARFest 2019! The event is taking place at Carfax in Newtown, Johannesburg on the 30th of November.

ROARFest 2019 is the first of what is set to become an annual event focusing on all things retro, original, alternative and rock related. The festival will include beer gardens, food trucks and an alt. market.

ROARFest 2019
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The line-up for ROARFest 2019 includes the very best the South African rock and metal industry has to offer and showcases a wide variety of its sub-genres.

This includes a highly anticipated reunion show from grindcore heavyweights Groinchurn. There will also be a rare appearance from longstanding alternative-metal royalty The Narrow. ROARFest 2019 will also feature Johannesburg metal-core goliaths Facing the Gallows and Soweto based rock newcomers Shameless.

The line-up also includes progressive punk rockers ATFN. post-punk trio The Medicine Dolls, brutal death metal brigade Bleeding Spawn and stoner punk noise mongers Black Math.

Bill Botes from Breakout Events explains ROARFest 2019

“The idea behind ROAR is to establish something annual that gives props to some of the incredible talents that have developed in the South African rock and metal scene now and also over the years, so we’re happy to be going a little Retro with the older acts, obviously Originality counts, as well as the term Alternative, naturally, as we love the acts that push the musical boundaries and of course they have to Rock! So yes we’re extremely pleased with this inaugural line-up and believe this event will grow from strength to strength as we go!” 

The Narrow‘s Hanu de Jong is clearly excited about playing

“This must be the sickest line-up we’ve ever been on! All these bands live their own hype and I’m very intimated to share a stage with them!”

Mark Chapman from Groinchurn commented on their upcoming performance

“When we started out as Groinchurn, it was very much a response and reaction to our own lives and circumstances at the time. It was 100% reactive… and there was no long-term plan or goal, so to do it all again comes as just as much of a surprise, we’re amped for the show.

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It’s fantastic that others seem to be too. What happens after that? Well, I guess we’ll keep reacting and responding to life… The distance between SA and Australia makes things tricky, but the world keeps getting smaller, right? … Turn it up. Bring the noise.”

Tickets are available now via Howler. Check out the Facebook Event for more information.

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