7 Romantic Movies That Will Make You Believe In Love

Everyone loves a good love story and with the way the world is at the moment romantic movies is what we all need. These types of movies make you feel something and they take you to a nice place. Watching a riveting romantic movie allows you to escape reality and propels you into a new world, a world where things look nice again.

It doesn’t matter how depressed you feel with your life, once you sit back and watch a good watch it all goes away. That is the beauty of movies and especially romantic movies. People have been fascinated with romantic films for years and it is the feel good factor that these movies produce that draws an audience to watch them. With these movies you can start believing in love once again and start feeling positive again.

Here are 7 Romantic Movies That Will Make You Believe In Love

So here is a list of some of the most impressive romantic movies. These films are still fabulous to watch today, they are like a fine wine that just gets better with time. Spend some time out of your day, sit back and relax while watching one of these excellent movies. If there was ever a good time to watch a good movie it must be now. These films will certainly change your mood in a positive way.

1. The Wedding Planner

This movie is a classic and is not just a feel good love story but it will also make you fall to your knees laughing. There are two massive stars that feature in this movie, Matthew McConehey and Jennifer Lopez.

The Wedding Planner - Romantic Movies

The plot is about Lopez who is a fantastic wedding planner and feels lonely as she is always organizing other people’s big days. She is a single woman who is looking for love, until she manages to meet Matthew McConehey who is a doctor who is about to get married. Unfortunately she has to plan his marriage. The movie is a great watch and will make you believe that love conquers all.

2. Sweet Home Alabama

This movie is almost twenty years old and it is still great to sit back with a chocolate bar and watch. The movie is about Reese Witherspoon and Josh Lucas who were once married when they were young. But times change and now Witherspoon has got engaged to marry someone else. But there is a slight issue, she is still married. So she must travel back to her hometown of Alabama where she needs a divorce from her husband Josh Lucas.

Sweet Home Alabama - Romantic Movies

But it is not as simple as just getting a divorce. She starts to fall in love with her hometown and it brings back feelings she once had for her husband. This movie is a fantastic watch and will make you feel great about love once again. This movie goes to prove that first love is very important and it can bring people back together. You will be glued to this movie and it is a movie you will want to watch again and again, it never gets old.

3. Easy A

This movie hit cinemas back in 2010 and stars Emma Stone and Penn Badgley. The film is about a teen Olive who starts a business of allowing the uncool guys at school to tell other pupils that they have become an item. Once all the other students find out about this business it gets huge, but then problems start to begin.

Easy A - Romantic Movies

The movie is about how Olive learns who she wants to be when she gets older and who she wants to be with. This movie is definitely worth your time, it will certainly make you realize that good partners are with finding and waiting for.

4. Valentine’s Day

This is a movie that has lots of celebrities who feature in it. There are the likes of Julia Roberts, Ashton Kutcher, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel starring in this movie. This film takes you to Los Angeles on Valentines day. The film features many different characters who are all dealing with this day in their own way.

Valentines Day - Romantic Movies

It is interesting and funny and we can all relate to this movie. We have all experienced Valentine’s day that we may want to forget. We have also had a Valentine’s day that we will never want to forget.

5. Leap Year

This movie came out in 2010 and is brilliant. It stars Matthew Goode and Amy Adams. This movie is about Anna who has been waiting years to get proposed to, so she decides to do things her way and go down the traditional Irish route, which is proposing on a leap day. She must make it to Dublin to make this proposal but it does not go as planned as there are cancelled fights and problems along the way. She decides to get a local Irish man named Declan to get her there.

Leap Year - Romantic Movies

This is an excellent adventure love story which makes Anna decide which life she wants, her old one or this brand new one. Leap year is a real feel good movie and will certainly warm your heart. After watching this film you start wanting to head out on a road trip yourself and find the love of your life. If only there was a Declan in every city.

6. Set It Up

This movie was released fairly recently in 2018 and is a really fun movie to watch. It features Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell. These two fine actors play two assistants to two workaholic bosses. After working late one day these two assistants meet each other and connect in the office. They come up with a cunning plan to match their two bosses up on a date, to lighten their work schedules.

Set It Up - Romantic Movies

The movie is about how the more these two assistants work together to try and connect their bosses, the more they start feeling for eachother. It goes to prove that love can be found at work. After watching this film you will want to head to work as soon as possible and look for that special someone.

7. The Proposal

This film was made back in 2009 and was a huge hit. It stars Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Sandra Bullock is a very hard working boss at a publishing company, where Reynolds is her assistant. This film is all about how Bullock’s love of her job and dedication to her work is her obsession.

The Proposal - Romantic Movies

It is not until her US Visa expires that she has to come up with a plan to stay in America. So she decides to get married with her assistant so she can get a US visa. So the film shows you how these two characters will try and get married not knowing that love is not far behind. The proposal is a funny, feel good film with lots of great scenes. It will make you cry, smile and laugh.


So as you can see some of these films are up to twenty years old. They are all fun and feel good movies. If you are ever feeling a little down or tired with life, I suggest you watch one of these films and it will brighten up your day. If you ever feel like love will never find you or you are lonely and have no partner in your life. It would be a good idea to watch one of these films. You will see how easy and how suddenly your life can change. These films give people hope and sometimes this is what we all need in life.

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