Ruff Majik releases a rocking new single

Great news rock fans! Pretoria’s riff wizards Ruff Majik released their new single Come All Ye Druids last week. It’s taken from their full length album (Seasons) which is set to be released on the 20th of April 2018.

“ With this release, Ruff Majik decided to set sail into newer, sludgier directions. We decided long ago that we wouldn’t be that band that people would complain about, saying ‘they used to be heavier’. Hell no, every time we bring out new music we want to move forward, become heavier, more intense. We still like to include bluesy bits, sure. But this song is made to be filthy, heavy, oily sludge ‘n roll. Next time we might do something a bit more doom again, who knows hahaha. All I know is that right now, Ruff Majik is becoming a groove machine, and we like it.” Johni Holiday

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The band embark on their 1st European tour in June 2018 which sees them play Freak Valley Festival in Germany along with a host of club shows supporting the likes of Colour Haze, My Sleeping Karma and The Devil and the Almighty Blues. They’ll be back in Europe in August to play Sonic Blast in Portugal.

Catch them live at one of the following shows in May and June 2018. They will be supporting The Devil and the Almighty Blues on these dates:

  • 24 May, Stuttgart, Goldmarks
  • 28 May, Munich, Feierwerk
  • 29 May, Vienna (Austria), Arena
  • 30 May, Leipzig, Werk 2

They will be supporting Colour Haze and My Sleeping Karma on these dates:

  • 26 May, Wiesbaden, Schlachthoff
  • 31 May, Freak Valley Festival, Netphen

They will be supporting Mars Red Sky on these dates:

  • 2 June, Dresden, Beatpol

In a small, secluded mining town in rural South Africa, three friends heard the call of the void, and spat fuzz back at it. Thus, Ruff Majik was formed, and the boys decided it was time to move to the city to spread their gospel of riff worship and sound sorcery.

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Ruff Majik moved to Pretoria, South Africa, where they’ve become infamous for their lively shows and aggressive on-stage persona. With their brand of what they call “stoner rock / sludge ‘n roll” they move between slow grooves and breakneck speeds in the blink of an eye, with live shows being described as ‘whiplash inducing’.

The members are Johni Holiday (guitar/vocals), Jimmy Glass (bass guitar) and Ben Manchino (drums). The band surfaced in 2015 with the release of their first 6 track, The Bear. This got them lots of attention from reviewers all over the world.

They quickly followed up with The Fox in 2016, that got them into Classic Rock Magazine with the song ‘Sodoom and Gomorrah’ as well as 104,000 views on the YouTube stream of the full album. In 2017 Ruff Majik released The SwanThe Hare and the HollowA Finch in a Cherry Tree and A Dragon and his Hoard, the latter three being part of upcoming full length SeasonsRuff Majik is a power trio, a stoner juggernaut, and they bring good times with them wherever they go.

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