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Running Wolf’s Rant: 10 Things you might not have known


In case you did not know, Running Wolf’s Rant turned 10 years old on Friday. It’s been a long and interesting ride and we’re definitely looking forward to another 10 years.

If you’re a regular reader (or if you’re only discovering this site now), you’re probably curious about this site’s origins, etc – so I’ve decided to give you the lowdown on us. It’s something I’ve never done before, so brace yourselves for some interesting info.

Here are 10 things you might not have known about Running Wolf’s Rant:

Things started off slowly…

1. Henno Kruger started Running Wolf’s Rant because an online friend told him that “he talked too much and that he needs to start a blog.” – He listened to them and the blog was born.

2. Henno’s IRC nickname used to be Running Wolf. He likes to rant about things – he got the inspiration for the “Rant” part of the title from the “Rant ‘n Rave” section that used to be in South Africa’s Top 40 magazine (which was popular in the 1990’s).

3. The domain name was registered on the 17th of August 2008. Henno played around on WordPress.com and Blogger before that.

Things started to pick up from 2009…

4. The South African National Radio station, 5FM featured the blog in 2009.

5. Henno originally started this blog to showcase things that he finds interesting, but he soon realized that he has a passion for the SA Music scene and his focus shifted to that.

Since then the blog has covered every Oppikoppi festival since August 2009, every Mieliepop festival since 2011, RAMFest, Up The Creek festival, Park Acoustics and various other events and festivals.

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6. To date 220 interviews and 247 reviews have been posted. Most of them feature people involved in the SA Music scene, music festivals and gigs at venues. There are also some album reviews and movie reviews.

7. To date 136 photo albums have been posted. Henno snapped most of the pics.

We’ve had our controversial moments…

8. In 2013 Kobus Van Rooyen published an Open Letter to Sunette Bridges and her followers on the blog. The post received more than 140 comments and Kobus received more than 100 death threats via e-mail.

We’ve won awards…

9. In 2015, Running Wolf’s Rant won the African Blogger Award for Best Music Blog.

10. Running Wolf’s Rant currently has the following categories: Music, Entertainment (with sub-categories for Events, Gaming, Movies, Podcasts and Television), Technology, General News, Humor, Opinion and Photography. Articles in these categories are regularly added to the Featured category on the blog.

Well, there you have it. I hope that you’ve found this information insightful. I’d like to thank everyone for their ongoing support for Running Wolf’s Rant.

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Watch this space for regular updates in the Facts category.

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