The Twitter Blanket Drive – South Africa’s Biggest TwitterThon – #TBD


I might be running the risk of misleading the public with the title of this post. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s the biggest TwitterThon in South Africa that I’m aware of.

It’s certainly the biggest I’m aware of. And I base that on the number of Tweeps that got involved last year, in many cities and towns throughout the country. The Twitter Blanket Drive or #TBD was launched to collect blankets for those who don’t have the options many of us do for escaping the cold of winter.

Last year was the first time such a project was undertaken. The Twitter Blanket Drive was started by Melanie Minnaar, a Johannesburg resident and one of the infamous people that I interact with on Twitter.

The Twitter Blanket Drive works as follows:

  • Watch for locations in your town or city.
  • If there isn’t one, you can contact Melanie and set one up in your town or city
  • If it’s anything like last year, then on one day, everyone will gather at set venues to meet each other for a drink and drop off their blankets.
  • These blankets will be given to worthy organisations around South Africa who distribute blankets during winter.

It’s plain and simple

So, now you’re asking “How do you get involved?”

It’s not meant to be complicated or bureaucratic. Its basic. Good people doing a good thing for people impacted by winter.

The information for the post was obtained from Barrie Bramley’s Blog. Folks, this is for a good cause, so watch your Twitter feeds for tweets about a #TBD in your area. You can make a difference. There’s lots of folks in need out there.


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