SA Metal Music Awards Categories, Details & Judges announced

The SA Metal Music Awards have begun the process of selecting South Africa’s top-performing and producing bands of 2019. Submissions have opened to bands and creatives on Metal4Africa.

This year, the panel has decided to add new categories to the awards, that includes content creators in the form of Best Design and Best Press Photograph as well as best music festival featuring metal music and best Club Event.

Sashquita Northey, SA Metal Music Awards Organiser comments

“We believe it is important to recognize and honour other creatives who contribute towards building a music scene.”

SA Metal Music AwardsHere is a full list of categories for the SA Metal Music Awards:

  • Best Music Video of 2019
  • Best Single of 2019
  • Best EP of 2019
  • Best Album of 2019
  • Best Newcomer Band of 2019
  • Best Live Band of 2019
  • Best Music Festival of 2019
  • Best Club Event of 2019
  • Best Design (merch, poster, album cover etc.) of 2019
  • Best Press Photograph of 2019
  • Best Alternative Metal Band of 2019
  • Best Old School Metal Band of 2019
  • Best Progressive Metal Band of 2019
  • Best Extreme Metal Band of 2019

Each year, the panel of judges is selected from a range of industry-related people from within the broader South African Metal Music community. These include musicians, promotors, venue owners, photographers and publicists that hail from across the country. These guys have the tough job of nominating artists to each category and ultimately selecting the winner from each category.

SA Metal Music Awards Judges

The panel of judges for this year are:

  • Marcita Maree – Keets Productions
  • Robert Perieira – RAMFest and Fokof Bar
  • Brandon Render – Jam Packed Productions
  • Matt Howes – Red Door Productions
  • Gareth Howard – Papa G’s podcast
  • Dave Freedman – Plug Music Agency
  • Mike Pocock – Brochella

Watch this space for updates in the Music category on Running Wolf’s Rant.

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