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SA Music: The latest trend in advertising


Last night I was doing one of my favorite things in the world, lying under a fan while watching mindless TV when I heard something familiar via an ad. It wasn’t the 90’s comeback black and white stripe dresses or the Beetlejuice pants. It wasn’t the girls ‘nice shoes’ or ‘awesome make up’ – no it was the song in the background. A cow like me doesn’t care much for fashion but what she cares about is the music.

The new Foschini Summer 13 TV ad is using a classic song by Woodstock Mafia called ‘Dance on Cars’. It is one of the band very first songs and it’s very cool. This is the second band that I know of who is not so known yet but kind of popular. A little back ground – Woodstock Mafia has been around since April 2011 and hails from the rock ‘n roll bowl Cape Town. Describing themselves as thumping grunge rock the boys recently released their debut album “Defiance”. Anyone who has seen them live either at Rocking the Daisies or Up The Creek knows this band will be going far. Watch the advert below:

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But Woodstock Mafia is not the only guys whose music is being used. Nope there is our favorite loopster mister Jeremy Loops (hubba hubba). We all notice that ENO ads where the spaghetti turns into whips and klap that women face in the restaurant. No? Okay then how about the burger one?

The scene is a guy with an ukulele and a harmonica entertaining some kids at a birthday party. The mum is at the back eating a burger (I think more she was checking out our Jeremy) when the burger starts biting her back. And there is the moment, frozen in time, that ‘Blue Steel look baby’ that Jeremy gives to the scene at the back.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a link to this specific ad but I do have a sexy photo of Jeremy and that look.The new Auto Trader ad also plays host to a Jeremy Loops song, it seems everyone has got ‘Loop Fever’, not that I mind at all! I’m glad to hear our ads have some SA music in even when I know we have a lot of “jingle writers” disguised as musicians at night. I know that Woodstock Mafia and Jeremy Loops are not the first bands whose music is being used (think Prime Circle, The Parlotones and more) but what makes this so interesting is that both Woodstock Mafia and Jeremy Loops are not signed to big record companies. They didn’t pay someone off or jump off roofs (or did they?) It doesn’t matter really, it brings a smile to this cow face with the hopes that all ads made in SA will soon host just SA music.

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And Jeremy I would love to meet that goat of yours, I like his hat.

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  1. Ha, rad, thanks for noticing the ad of doom – yeah, its an old Mafia “classic”, reserved for unplugged shows these day. Um, we didn’t do anything more than shared beers with random people and spoke about life, work, music and beer. Mafia boys are always keen for beers. Beers are good. Beer. (p.s. I had beers with Henno at oppi)


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