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Do your bit to save the Pangolin!


We need to save the Pangolin… Did you know that it’s estimated that the African Pangolin has been around for over 40 million years, adapting itself to the changing environment in order to survive?

So, what exactly is a Pangolin?

Pangolins are also sometimes called scaly anteaters. They are strange looking creatures covered with protective horny, overlapping scales. There are 8 different pangolin species in the world: 4 in Africa and 4 in Asia. They are now the most-trafficked mammals in the world.

Save The Pangolin
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It’s estimated that more than 100,000 pangolins, mostly from Africa, were killed by traffickers last year. In comparison, 200 rhinos and 1,000 tigers were killed last year.

The demand for Pangolin scales and meat, mostly from the Asian market, means that if we don’t do something soon then the pangolin will go extinct in the very near future. Luckily organisations like Pangolin.Africa are doing something about it.

More info about Pangolin.Africa

Pangolin.Africa is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the survival of these creatures. They are working with partners in the tourism, conservation and corporate fields to increase education and awareness around all four African pangolin species. Pangolin.Africa contributes towards much-needed research and implements protection and rehabilitation projects on the ground.

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They also play an integral role in bringing together and supporting other individuals and organisations across Africa who are working in the pangolin conservation space.

How far will you go to save the Pangolin?

Whether you run marathons, fun runs or just run for the bus, here’s an opportunity to do something really amazing for conservation on World Pangolin Day (on the 15th of February 2020).

Join thousands of supporters around the world who will be hitting the tar, track, trail or treadmill to raise awareness for pangolins.

Running for Pangolins - 15 February 2020
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You’ll become a “mobile pangolin ambassador” for the day. Pangolin.Africa will equip you with a campaign running bib and pangolin facts so you can answer any questions about why you’re running for this extraordinary animal.

Participating in the#running4pangolins global campaign is easy, fun and free! All you’re really giving is your time. There is no set route or minimum distance. You can run anywhere, at any time on the day. Just run! Register here NOW!

If you live in Gauteng and you want to do your bit to save the pangolin, join the Pretoria Pub Run that’s happening on the 15th of February 2020.

The following pubs are stops on the Pretoria Pub Run:

Check out the event for more info.

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