Seether tickets and CD / vinyl hamper up for grabs

In case you forgot, Seether will be playing a show in Johannesburg on the 20th of May at Marks Park in Emmerentia. The show will also feature performances by Francois Van Coke (who will be playing an acoustic set), Crash Car Burn, Deity’s Muse and Hellcats.

Seether‘s existence is an act of rebellion, weaponized to cut through the noise with truth telling clarity and undeniable authenticity. Even as no-talent hacks and cartoon social media living mannequins seek to dominate the discourse, Seether takes a stand against those who Poison the Parish.

Seether“We want to bring back musicality, playing loud, and the importance of having something to say that you can stand behind,” declares Seether front man / co-founder Shaun Morgan. “It’s about honesty in your music.”

Poison the Parish, the band’s seventh studio album, arrived just in time on Morgan’s new label imprint Canine Riot Records, via Concord Music Group. Morgan also served as producer (the first time he’s produced an album in its entirety), working alongside engineer and mixer Matt Hyde (who has worked with the likes of Slayer, Deftones and Hatebreed) at Nashville’s Blackbird Studio, which has played host to everyone from Taylor Swift to Jack White.

The relentlessly hard working outfit has averaged 90 performances a year, criss-crossing the globe as headlining mainstays and featured performers on many of the world’s biggest rock festivals. Seether songs are also familiar to anyone who plays Madden NFL games or watch the WWE.

Consider: Seether has amassed twenty Top 5 singles, three platinum records, a fan-beloved gold-selling DVD and scores of number 1 singles including “Fine Again,” “Fake It,”  “Remedy,” “Broken,” “Words As Weapons,” “Country Song,” “Breakdown,” “Rise Above This,” “Same Damn Life,” “Truth,” “Gasoline,” “Driven Under” and their infamous cover of “Careless Whisper”.  The band has also been recognized by the South African Music Awards, MTV Africa Music Awards and Revolver Golden Gods Awards.

Great news is that they’re coming back to SA for one performance in Johannesburg and you have chance to score tickets if you havent bought yours on Nu Tickets yet…

We are giving away a double ticket to the Seether show and CD & Vinyl hamper!

Yes rock fans! We are giving away a double general admission ticket to the upcoming show & a Seether hamper (which includes the ‘Isolate & Medicate’ vinyl and CD – courtesy of Universal Music South Africa).

Seether tickets and CD / vinyl hamper up for grabs 3All you need to do to enter is leave a comment below and tell us WHAT you’d be willing to do to get your rock-loving paws on this prize!

Take note: Please enter a working e-mail address so that you’re reachable. This competition closes on Tuesday the 15th of May 2018 at midnight. This competition is NOT open to under 18’s. The winner will be notified in the comment thread below on Wednesday the 16th of May 2018.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Music category on Running Wolf’s Rant.

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Henno Kruger

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  1. Vetman

    I wont be able to make this show but I will wave the SA Flag high when I watch them at Download festival in June and be sure I sing all the songs kak loud, so give me the album so I can start learning all the words!!! Die Vetste

  2. jacques

    Please please please I would love this saw them last when they were Saron Gas so please, I would Saron Gas myself after the show

  3. Clarence

    I would do anything i love Seether ….the brought me back when my life was falling apart

  4. Madelein Ackermann

    I would sell my mum…scratch that, I need her. My liver is still in great condition….willing to share a bit of it #cheapdateanyway

  5. Yvonne Zietsman

    I will tattoo SEETHER on my lower back and I will sing Rise above this and Fake it with the band!!

    1. Yvonne Zietsman

      I love them, almost more than I do Prime Circle!!! Please give me the tickets!!!!

  6. Leroux Engelbrecht

    I’d eat all the biltong to get those tickets!

  7. ELSA van Vuuren

    I would personally meet & greet them after the show, hand out kisses and hugs leaving them with my famous signature on their album

  8. Tayla Erasmus

    Tayla Erasmus: I would literally sell my dad and brother to get my hands on these tickets! I absolutely love seether and I’d give an arm and a leg to be able to afford to take my mom to see them!!

  9. Kobus

    Disclaimer: I’ll find the beauty in negative spaces all while holding on to strings better left to fray.

  10. Vincent

    So exited to see them live again…Love the band and the music they share with their fans…I’d do whatever it takes legally and maybee a little bit illegal, to get the tickets…but I would give them to my brother who possibly is a bigger fan than me, but can’t afford to go…Rock On!!!!

  11. Walter fick

    I would stage dive into a kaktus for this i absolutely love seether and all their music and this also happens to be my favorite song of them

  12. Kayleigh

    I would fight my way up to stage just to meet them. I’d love these❤

  13. Wim van Vuuren

    Haven’t seen my homeboys in soooo long!! Would love to go RWR – I still remember the we jammed “Blind” by Korn in their Rooihuiskraal Saron Gas rehearsal room, not too mention the honour of having a Seether vinyl!!! Pick me, pick me PLEASE?!?!?!

    1. Wim van Vuuren

      I’ve already sold my soul for rock & roll… \m/

  14. Liam

    What would I do to get my paws on this sweet baby of a prize?

    Picture this: a gong shatters the silence. A sea of white doves fades off over the horizon as an orange sunset paints the sky. I’m kneeling down on the summit of a mountain – head slightly tilted forward, and a candle in hand. The beauty of the moment is cathartic and I almost don’t want to leave, but my purpose is one greater than this. My eyes water – I can no longer tell if it’s from the fumes or the joy that I get from knowing the significance of my fate. I drop the candle. I sacrifice myself to the rock gods.

    Now picture all of this except: the gong is my neighbour’s house alarm, the doves are hadedas squawking, the sunset has a slightly smoggy tinge, the candle is still a candle (Eishkom’s got my back) … oh and we’ll have to replace the flammable liquid (I don’t actually want to end up missing Seether, I’ll give up my voice to the rock gods during their performance instead). I’ll drench myself in pasta sauce instead.

  15. Xintol Schoeman

    Seether falls on the same day as the Hoggs/Harley Davidson KIDS blanket run which we do every year.
    So, should i win this awesome prize
    i will raffle off the CD and Vinyl. Entry: blanket/s to be donated to the blanket run, which i will personally collect and deliver to Hard Rock Cafe in Menlyn early on Sunday morning (photos will be posted as proof) Goal: 100+ blankets 🙂

  16. Mecilla

    Shaun…. I would do Shaun 😉 *shrugs*

  17. Eliana

    I’d accept a dare from Henno Kruger if I were to win these. 😀

  18. Esmeralda vermaak

    I would sell a kidney at this stage …. loved them ever since they started. I have a scratched Saron Gas cd still . Absolutly obsessed (if i dont win this … any one here who needs a kidney 😉 ? )

  19. Mark Lowe

    It’s going to be an awesome Show. My favourite Band. They are awesome live. Been following them on YouTube. Would love see them live.

  20. Dar Hallas

    I will flash the band (and anybody else that happens to be standing in front of me at the concert :-D). I feel like some people are saying they’ll do things they won’t really do. I’ll really do this! While holding the vinyl above my head 🙂

  21. Jax

    I will never forget the day I discovered Seether’s, then known as Saron Gas’ music… I was an out of place and misunderstood child in primary school where I overhead their music playing in my two older brothers’ room. I immediately felt a connection which can only be described as ‘it spoke to my soul’! I begged my brothers for their music and continued to listen and connect with their music throughout the years. They have helped me through some of the most difficult and trying times in my life and once again I’m at that stage where their music is the only thing that speaks to me! I don’t have much, but I would literally give EVERYTHING I have up to see them live and to be completely engulfed by their music, to feel alive again and to feel that instant connection I did when I first heard them!

    Besides that I have an extreme case of arachnophobia and would be willing to face my deepest fear and touch a spider (freaking out just thinking about it)!!! There is literally nothing I wouldn’t do to win the opportunity to see them live! So pleeeeeaaaaase grant me this once in a lifetime opportunity and cross another item off of my bucket list…

    A broke, desperate and in desperate need of an uplifting musical experience girl!

      1. Jax

        Anytime! I absolutely CAN’T miss them!!! I will literally take on any challenge given to me just to see them.. So bring it on!

        “Well fortune favor’s not the young… Say you can help me now” please please please!

  22. Jacques Celliers

    My girl and I would do an absolutely fantastic (read barely above average) cover of the duet ‘Broken’, but naturally I would cover Amy Lee and my girl would do Shaun Morgan’s lyrics. We would do a shot for shot remake of the music video and then send this to the band, as the reworked studio version of the song is totally one of the bands highlights and definitely not a studio decision that they sometimes regret, and this rendition of the song will be so beautiful and inspiring that Seether will have to return to SA but with Evanescence just so that they can perform together again and move everyone in the crowd to tears. You’re Welcome.

  23. Monica Frauendorf

    I will tattoo the lyrics of their songs (starting from 69 Tea – Saron Gas) microscopically (to include as many songs as pOssible) all over my body until there is no more room left to tat (0o.) I will walk the streets rampant with an air horn to get anyone and everyone’s attention and spew moronic psycho-fan-girl blabber about my undying love for Seether. They are, my heroes…. quite literally 🙂

  24. Bianca

    Me? What would i give? Well let me tell you why i want it first… For a very special man in my life. My bestest friend and hero. It would make him so happy to see them its his life goal to see them. What would i do to make him happy? Anything, you name it I’ll do it. I’d even record a video of me doing it. As long as i can see happiness on his face. So please he’s a musician himself and a pretty darn good one… Can i please have this? You name what i should do I’ll do it. For him.

  25. Davey Rocket

    I would donate my kids to the band so that they could also grow up to be rock legends!

    Hddtjvjkkddsdda cf hbkifxsweghjlpmnv fdzdgghkkfxdffff

    Sorry about that
    My wife saw what I said and strongly disagreed by smashing my face on the keyboard, therefore as a revised plan I will bring my bike to the show and the band can zoom around on it all day

    …she saw that too but missed as I spotted her \m/

    Seriously though… there’s very little I wouldn’t do for the tickets

  26. Megzii

    I’m a huge Seether fan and aleady got my VIP tickets. We will be Driving early from Polokwane to see the show, then back the same day for work on Monday (Major Sleep deprivation) BUT if I were to win this amazing prize I would give the tickets to my friends who are also big Seether fans but can’t afford to go. I would keep the CD and vinyl for myself though 😉

  27. Dar Hallas

    Hi Henno

    I’m so eager to find out if I won that I’ve probably hit refresh at least 20 times this morning already to see who wins 😀

    What time do you expect so post who won the competition?

    Thanks 🙂

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