Self-medication with Cannabis Oil: Is it Good or Bad?

Today I’m giving you the the Lowdown on Self-medication with Cannabis oil. You’ll find out everything you need to know.

Recently the drug policies of many countries have become more relaxed. In Canada, if you want to grow your own weed, you need ACMPR grow licence, in the United States, more and more states allow its inhabitants to use marijuana recreationally.

As a result, many studies were conducted on the effects of both THC and CBD. It’s been discovered that both of those compounds have many positive effects on the human brain and body. In a second, you’ll learn how cannabis oil can make your life slightly better. Let’s go!

Cannabis Oil Is Cannabis Oil safe?

Although the name “cannabis” might make you think that you’ll get high soon after consuming any weed products, the truth is different. Weed contains hundreds of different compounds, and we don’t know all about many of them, but it’s enough if you know about the differences between THC and CBD. The first compound is great for pain relief, although it isn’t free of side effects. On the other hand, the only side effects of the second compound, CBD, that you could experience are dry mouth and drowsiness. It has a variety of positive effects.

Pain relief

CBD is commonly used as a pain medication. It isn’t the most effective product on the market, but it has one crucial advantage. Most of the medications that provide pain relief are also highly addictive. The Opioid Crisis that is currently taking place in the USA is a result of people abusing all sorts of painkillers. They might be helping to mitigate the pain, but a regular use for a long time often leads to addiction.

CBD, on the other hand, has anti-addictive properties. It’s been discovered that it helps in managing alcohol, nicotine, and opioid addictions. It means that not only is it safe to use, and it won’t lead to addiction – it can even help addicts stay away from the more harmful substances.

If the pain is particularly intense, it is advised to use products that combine both CBD and THC. The second compound has some side effects, but the combination of those two results in a better quality of pain management.

Anxiety management

Cannabis oil can also be used in fighting anxiety. Its calming effects are pretty strong, even compared to other, more dangerous types of medication. The situation isn’t as tragic as in the case of people addicted to opioids, but it is estimated that about 18% of Americans take psychiatric drugs. The addiction to benzodiazepines can often lead to even more severe problems, which is why it is essential to find alternatives.

If you want to battle anxiety, you should stick to using the products that contain only CBD. THC can actually increase anxiety, which is why it’s better to avoid products containing both THC and CBD.

Epilepsy medicine

When it comes to epilepsy treatments, CBD can help people whose bodies don’t react to other types of medicine. There are no other remedies for certain types of epilepsy, which is why in 2018 Epidiolex, a CBD oil, had been approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

An excellent antioxidant

Although nowhere close to the importance of the previous effects on the human brain and body, CBD is also an excellent antioxidant.

Given the fact that our diets, without doubt, could be better, cannabis oil could make your body healthier. Apart from battling free radicals, it’s been discovered that CBD can also help slow down the growth of some types of cancer.

It’s not a cure for cancer, but it can indeed help with making the lives of people fighting this terrible disease easier.

Neuroprotective properties

The research on this subject is not yet conclusive enough, but several studies have shown that CBD can help people with sclerosis. It can also be used to improve the lives of people with Parkinson’s disease, as well as to slow down the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Is Cannabis oil a magical cure?

Although many people tend to over-exaggerate the benefits of CBD, the studies done on this subject have repeatedly shown that it can help people with many different health problems.

Sure, there are other medications that could be taken instead, but what’s unique to CBD is the fact that it doesn’t have any serious side effects.

It means that if you feel that there is too much stress in your life, trying out cannabis oil might be the right choice. Don’t expect instant results, but let’s be honest: if it weren’t working, the industry wouldn’t be growing so quickly as it does.

There are many reputable brands like CBDistillery, so make sure that you check them out.

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