Send Braaiboy into Outer Space!


Braaiboy is a man of many talents and a living legend. He braaied for more than 60 hours last year at Supersport Park in Centurion to set a Guinness World Record for the world’s longest continuous barbeque. Most of you reading this post would probably be gatvol after braai-ing that long, but not Braaiboy – He still braais every single day – he’s been doing this for almost 4 years.

Braaiboy Send Braaiboy into Outer Space!

Braaiboy wants to get into outer space! His best chance to make it there is by getting the most votes in the AXE Apollo Space Academy competition. That is one bloody awesome prize, if you ask me. A legend and superhero like Braaiboy deserves it. If you have been to Park Acoustics and you let him braai your meat or taste one of the 50 free boerie rolls that he’s handing out, you will agree with me.

Watkykjy recently posted this video to encourage people to vote for Braaiboy. Apparently aliens played a part in his motivation to get into outer space.

So, without further ado, vote for Braaiboy and do your bit to give this South African superhero a chance to get into outer space. It’s the right thing to do.¬†Spread the word about this among your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Sharing is caring and you know it’s the right thing to do.

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