How SEO Makes You More Discoverable On Instagram

Wondering how SEO makes you more discoverable on Instagram? Today I’ll answer this question in detail. It’s a fact that if you are planning to incorporate Instagram in the marketing strategy of your business, you need to boost the number of followers.

The higher is your reach, the more is the chance of enhancing sales. Therefore, you cannot skip optimization of the social media platform. The key is to enhance discoverability on the social media. One of the most tactful aspects of Instagram is optimization.

Before you know what optimization in Instagram involves, you need to know why you need to implement the optimization techniques. Here is what you need to know.

1. About two-thirds of Instagram users are aged below thirty-five years or much younger, which requires business enterprises to boost the purchasing power of this group.

2. Over eighty percent of people use Instagram to know about new products and service. Therefore, the higher is the frequency of posting, the better it is to update the knowledge of customers.

3. It is believed that the users of Instagram spend over fifty minutes each day on Instagram, which enhances the chances of engagement on the platform.

SEO makes you more discoverable on Instagram

Thing to know about Instagram and SEO

The statistics mentioned above shows that it is important to boost the discoverability for acquiring more customers. However, discoverability on Instagram is not similar to the popular search engines. While adding hashtags can make more difference than the keywords, the latter is still significant. However, that does not mean that adding hashtags will not make you discoverable. But the keywords allow the users locate the profiles quickly. If you are finding it challenging to make your business more discoverable on Instagram, here is what you need to know. Note the following to understand how to make you more discoverable on Instagram.

Optimizing the profile

First and foremost, you should work effortlessly towards optimizing the Instagram profile. When attracting traffic to your Instagram account, you will never realize the benefits if your profile does not improve the user experience. How to boost your profile on Instagram?

1. The profile you create must be vibrant and colorful

2. Use a business name and username that users can search can quickly recognize

3. The profile must be public and include a link in your bio.

4. For a business account, you need to register separately.

Even though the steps mentioned above seem casual, it is the first pillar you build for optimizing the profile. Once you are familiar with the basics, you can move ahead with the steps of optimization with ease.

Use of primary and secondary keyword

Instagram is among the few social media platforms that functions independently and follows its own strategies. Therefore, a business needs to use relevant terms to be available on the search bar. For instance, if you are selling garments through Instagram, including the term in the username or display name makes you more discoverable on this platform.

Once you know how to handle the primary keywords, you need to make the most of the secondary keywords. Usually, the secondary keywords include terms or phrases related to the primary keywords. For instance, if garment is the primary keyword, the secondary keyword may be T-shirts or sweatshirts. Using secondary keywords is right for people who are not targeting the primary keywords. You can also buy 50 real Instagram likes to boost the optimization process.

Using the hashtag as keywords

After the optimization of your profile, you need to move towards the posts. While the creation and optimization of profile is not an ongoing process, you need to post content in regular intervals. Therefore, the hashtags you apply for different posts should be independent of each other.

Do not use black hat SEO for Instagram optimization

You are aware about the strictness of Google when it comes to treating the cheaters. Instagram follows a similar approach and reprimands those accounts that fail to follow the rules. You must not resort to the following practices to be on the list of punishable.

1. Using the same hashtag repeatedly for very post.

2. Using bots to comment or like the posts.

3. Stop mass following the accounts in a single session

While you may feel tempted to surrender to these techniques, they will not help you meet the business objectives in the long run. If you get followers who are bots, you may not benefit as no one will buy your products and services.  SEO often appears tricky for the content marketers, but you can still apply the following techniques.

1. Enhance the number of followers and likes on this platform

2. Allow the followers to locate your account quickly.

3. Letting the Instagram algorithm find out genuine information about your account

Make the captions keyword-optimized

When it comes to the Explore page of Instagram, searching content is easy through relevant location tags and hashtags. Apart from this, Instagram provides the necessary recommendations based on personalization of the interests of users. For instance, if you prefer looking into clothes-related content on Instagram, you can find similar posts on the Explore page. Therefore, you need to write descriptive captions with relevant keywords to improve the chances of success as Instagram can use those keywords present in the caption to present topics that align with your interest.

Using Alt text

One of the features of Instagram allows you to write alterative text to describe your photo in a detailed manner. Using this feature for SEO optimization allows the Instagram algorithm to understand the details of the image and how to make it relevant for specific users. Instead of depending on auto-generated texts, you need to edit the section to make it more descriptive.

Using analytics

If you are optimizing Instagram for the first time, you need to know how the strategy can impact the social media goals holistically. Although Instagram has a built-in analytics feature, you can only obtain data for specific dates. After the closure of the widow, you may not be able to track the data. Similar to the other content marketing strategy, obtaining hard data is essential if you want to track the success of the SEO strategy.

Now you know how SEO makes you more discoverable on Instagram

If you are planning to optimize your Instagram account and trying to make yourself discoverable, using SEO techniques can help. You can follow the tips mentioned above and build your reach of Instagram.

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