How to use SEO and SERP for increasing brand awareness

SEO has proved itself to be one of the most amazing fields. SEO professionals are the people who come from different backgrounds; these professionals have diverse skills. It is very important to learn these skills, without these skills, success is not possible for many of the experts. Marketing could be done from the medium of SEO and SERPs (Search Engine Result Page).

SEO professionals are people who have an amazing sense of humour, the small difference in the personality can make a big difference. With the help of Facebook marketing Adelaide, you can get an idea of marketing through SEO.

Practice makes a man perfect, and the same applies in the case of SEO. One needs to combine the knowledge with practice in order be the perfectionist in the same field.


In this article you will get to know:

  1. Understand the challenges and status quo of page one.
  2. Learn how SEO and SERPs could be used for marketing.
  3. Learn to have a mindset to create traffic potential.
  4. Acquire tactics to start boosting your search presence.

Understand the challenge of competitive SERPs

Search engine result pages (SERPs) are the most competitive than ever. These elements are called “position zero” as they are on the top rankings. One of the most known researches is “zero-click searches.”

The ‘traffic potential’ you need to succeed in SEO:

Whenever a person is searching for some topics, you need to be very careful with your keywords. You need to make a proper mindset for the success of the strategies of marketing.

7 actionable tactics to optimise your website in competitive SERPs

You need to take care of these things so as to boost your search. With these things you will get to market your own brand:

1. You need to keep track of your ranking

Google pulls out the data of the top 10 rankings so that it can populate the snippets. You need to focus on the keywords that you will enter on your website as people will only search those keywords. So, you should basically check your current organic rankings.

The basic purpose of the snippet is to give an answer to the user without searching further. There are four types of featured snippets:

  • Lists
  • Texts
  • Tables
  • Videos

The second thing you need to focus on is on a snippet the target keywords. You can get the better when you enter precise and factual knowledge about the brand.

2. Optimise for Google site links

The work of site links is to display the most important pages of your website. You cannot force Google to display the site links. It will generate such links that will increase your chances of displaying site links. It has a few anchors and alt tags that are descriptive.

3. Add Schema mark-up when appropriate

It helps Google to understand what your page is about. You can review r-the mark-ups of schema and also implement on your page. The review of the schema mark-up can allow the Google to display the ratings within the organic results of the search.

4. Use and Optimize Google my Business

If you want a lot of place for your branded article, you should go for Google My Business. Sign up with Google My Business to make sure that your business is listed. Make sure that you fill up all the fields to optimise it completely. Make your Google My Business listing longer to make it visual and provide all the important information.

Also, all the details and features of your business should be displayed and listed too on Google My Business. Signing up on Google My Business will also make your presence on Google maps. To further increase the length, answer all the questions on your listing.

5. Run PPC Ads

Organic search is the major force which drives traffic to your Ad even if you want to go for SEO. Running Ads on branded terms has the highest chances of converting them from search to a click. Always use branded terms for your brand name. Do not let anyone else take advantage of it.

Fill out all the relevant fields and ad extensions to longer your ad and increase its chances of getting some clicks. Using branded terms on Google will stop everyone else from acquiring your valuable space and will also increase your chances.

6. Optimise social media channels to appear in knowledge panels

The sole purpose of the knowledge panel of Google is that all the information related to your business should be displayed in one place only. This will be more beneficial if you connect all your social media channels. This will provide an opportunity for the user to search an element that you control and own.

You have to verify your social profiles with Google first in order to display them. To mark your social profiles, schema mark-up is the only way.

7. Optimise images to appear in SERPs and Featured Snippets

It is recommended to review the target keyword and add some images relevant to the keyword. Out of all, only 12.5% SERPs actually display images. The image that you are adding should match the target keyword, headline, and the URL.

You can also use some SEO basic image to increase your chances of image ranking. Image SEO ranking includes many factors like image sizes which have common dimensions, image captions with relevant descriptions, image context where the content matches the keyword and image file names where you choose the optimised and appropriate names.

These tactics will make sure that you achieve on Page 1 that even surpass the position one rankings. They will help you in enhancing your presence in SERPs, and you will get the desired number of clicks.

The Future of SERPs & How to Win with On-SERP SEO

In the above article, we have read about:

  • Position zero and competitive SERPs
  • The meaning of On-SERP SEO
  • Seven practical ways to boost your search presence starting today

The key performance indicator nowadays is organic traffic. SERP marketing is an opportunity to take over Page 1 elements and make your presence on the top.

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