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Shadow: A South African series coming to Netflix on 8 March 2019


Netflix is proud to announce that Shadow, will be launching on the global service on 8 March 2019. Shadow is set and filmed in the heart of Johannesburg, starring local talent, Pallance Dladla who plays the role of Shadow himself and Amanda Du Pont, who plays Ashley, his love interest. Shadow is directed by Gareth Crocker (from Motion Story Productions).

What is Shadow all about?

Following the brutal and unjust murder of a young girl, Johannesburg detective and former task force specialist, Shadrach ‘Shadow’ Khumalo, quits his job to become a fixer for people who, like him, have been failed by the criminal justice system.

With the help of his former partner, Shadow cuts a swathe through the city’s underworld taking full advantage of a rare condition that affects his central nervous system: he is impervious to physical pain.

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Here are a few things you should know about Shadow

1. Motion Story utilised a smaller and more versatile team over a longer period to produce the show. This played a major role in enabling them to elevate the quality of the show.

2. Because of the size of the crew, everyone was prepared to multitask. Once the actors and the rest of the crew understood that there were no egos on set and that everyone was prepared to roll up their sleeves and do whatever was needed to get the best out of a scene, they were equally happy to pitch in wherever they could. This sense of ‘community’ fostered a genuine team atmosphere on set.

3. As a result of the small crew, the cast was often able to improvise on set. The crew was always on the lookout for production opportunities that would enhance the show. This also allowed for a spirit of ‘running and gunning’ certain shots. This would not be possible with a larger crew.

4. In order to take full advantage of the numerous action scenes in Shadow, several of the actors committed to performing many of their own stunts.

5. To set Shadow apart from other African productions, the team created a string of ambitious set-pieces that included stunt people scaling high-rise buildings and towers, base jumpers performing low-level jumps and filming with wild animals (including lions).

6. Shadow jumps from rooftops and basements to clubs, bars, towers, dams, shooting ranges, treehouses, bridges, animal
sanctuaries, game farms and various other colourful locations.

7. In an age where so many TV shows are pessimistic by nature, Shadow strives to be an uplifting show.

8. Within the ambit of the overall genre, each episode of Shadow leans slightly towards a different sub-genre. One episode might feel like a traditional action-drama, while another a thriller. Certain episodes creep towards horror, while another
places emphasize humour.

9. Despite being a TV series, Shadow has been written, shot
and edited with a film-style mindset.

10. While set and grounded in Africa, Shadow has an
international feel and deals with issues and challenges facing most people around the world.

Watch the trailer for Shadow below

Didn’t Multichoice bitch about original South African content not being developed by Netflix a while ago? Sucks to be wrong, doesn’t it? I’m quite excited to watch this show. I’m curious how this show will showcase South Africa to the rest of the world.

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    My name is Wendy Mlangeni, I am a script writer and I would love to know how to submit to you guys and what do you need.

    Thank yoy

  2. Hi, I’m watching episode 8 right now, great series, is there going to be a 2nd season?
    Episode 7 has this jazzy track, plays in 3 parts for a short while, when Shadow’s sister gets a call from a cousin who thought her house was haunted. Do you mind providing the name of the artist and song title. Thanks.

    • Hi Setshuma – To my knowledge a second season has not been announced yet. I’ve got no idea who is the song artist…


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