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Shit South Africans Say (Video)


Us South Africans have lots of sayings that foreigners might find hard to understand. Sayings like “Jislaaik!”, “Bliksem!”, “Fokkit”, “Donner!”, “Lank” and countless others are very unique to this country. Although I think a lot of the tourists from all over the world who visited South Africa during the 2010 FIFA World Cup picked up a considerable amount of them while they were here. Imagine a New York local tuning his bartender “Jislaaik!” or some other South African saying, he / she would probably get some confused looks in return.

Anyway, this video entitled “Shit South Africans Say” brings up many of the terms that are quite unique to our country. The only problem is that it focuses on the White English South African population and doesn’t represent the full demographic of our land. For those of you reading this who have never been to South Africa, we actually have 11 official languages here, so there’s tons more “Shit South Africans Say” – a country with a population of close to 50 million tends to say a lot, don’t you think?

Although not 100% accurate this is still a lank funny video (and I’m sure many South Africans will agree). It’s already had over 211,000 views on YouTube (quite a record for South Africa if you leave Die Antwoord out of the equation). The video was written and directed by Nicky Felbert.

So what do you think? Are there some phrases missing from this clip? Drop a comment on this post and share your thoughts about this video with the readers of Running Wolf’s Rant. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here.

Also note that the Funny Clips section in the Humor category on this blog is updated regularly, so feel free to check up on Running Wolf’s Rant again if you feel like it.

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  1. Thanks for the exposure Henno!

    Just to let you know we toyed with the idea of making one video with all the groups in it, or individual ones that would do each group justice… well we decided on the individual videos.
    (Otherwise you would have a 20 minute video trying to get it all in and viewers would have got bored.)

    Mercury Productions are currently filming the other videos for release soon.

    Cheers, Adrian


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