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Sign This Petition to #SaveAandklas


For those of you who did not know, Hatfield Square was demolished last year to make way for accommodation for students. Only Aandklas and a few other bars are left in the area (where there once more than 15 bars). The sad part is that Aandklas might not be there in the near future.

The building in which Aandklas is situated, has been earmarked for demolition by the Provincial Heritage Resources Authority of Gauteng. For those of you who did not know, Aandklas is not just a venue. For more than a decade it has been the social, cultural and musical home to thousands of students, young people and music lovers alike. The building itself is an important part of the heritage of not only Pretoria, but South Africa as a whole.

The building was built in 1943, thus making it a part of our national heritage, according to Section 34 (1) of the National Heritage Resources Act, 1999. It was designed by one of South Africa’s most well known, groundbreaking architects, Norman Eaton.

The cottage was built in 1943 for the use of Mr F. Jacobz. It continued to serve as a residential house up until 1996 when it was converted by the then current owner to a commune for the use of university students. In 2002 the area was rezoned and the municpality granted business rights to that area. Up The Creek Bar converted the house into a entertainment area in 2003. In 2005 Rudi Oosthuizen bought the house and the rights and made it into an Aandklas bar, which is still operating successfully to this day.

To demolish this building would be wrong and would be a great loss to Pretoria and to lovers of good old rock ‘n roll.

Great news is that you have the power to make a difference. Show your support! SIGN THIS PETITION NOW! to #SaveAandklas.

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