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5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes you should avoid making


Social Media Marketing is not uncommon nowadays. It’s something that happens on a daily basis. Unfortunately a lot of people are doing it wrong. Luckily I’m here to point out some common mistakes that people make today, so many of you can learn from it.

Here are 5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes you should take note of

Mistake 1: Marketing with no plan

This is the top-most element of optimization in social media, which many companies lack, is a development of a strategy. A clear goal setting is required.

Mistake 2: Over-active optimization

Many companies try to attract clients’ attention too intrusively. It’s irritating for users. Remember that social media is a dialogue but not a monologue. It’s all about relations between people, not in sales. No one goes in social networks in order to buy something.

If you understand why people spend time on social media, you already know how to talk with users and what information and content they want to see on your page.

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Mistake 3: Not updating regularly

Don’t start a microblog on Twitter or page on Facebook if you’re not sure you are going to post actively. A non-active or an account, which does not fit in a declared subject, is worse than no page of your company on social networks after all.

Mistake 4: Not defining a clear line between private and corporative

For many small business owners and entrepreneurs, the line between private and corporative is very blurred in most cases. A point to keep in mind is that there’s a purpose for every profile and that you should make a clear differentiation. It’s not bad to let one’s personal attitude shine through in one’s business blog. Always keep in mind what you did it for though.

It’s difficult for many small business owners to admit that it’s impossible to please everyone. There are many situations when you just need to take a nice deep breath and respond to critical comments. If you’re an owner of a small company, you probably have a soft spot for your business.

This emotional attachment could provoke you to make wrong decisions. Everything you say or write can be sent to millions of people in just a few seconds. It’s better to protect your company. Take note of complaints and respond to them politely.

Mistake 5: Emotional cooperation

In social media optimization means that you address every co-operation with customers. Relations with customers become more significant for your business. Think up something funny and uncommon and you will see amazing results.

For example, Zappos suggests that their new customers first like their page and then it asks them to sign up for a newsletter. After you press the like button, you get redirected to the newsletter page.

One of the best marketing actions I saw online was a Zappos contest called “Fan of the Week”. Customers are asked to take a photo with a company box. Other customers vote and choose a winner. The winner’s picture is displayed on the company’s page.

When it comes to good optimization parameters, the viral marketing of Blendtec comes to mind. Will it blend? was made up by marketing director George Wright and it became a hit right away. Tom Dickson grinds iPads, vuvuzelas, Rubik’s cubes, skulls and other weird things into a blender. It’s unconventional, but it works.

Which of these Social Media Marketing Mistakes have you made? Do you other tips for marketers out there? Leave a comment below and let us know

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