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Some Fake Hurricane Sandy Photos


Hurricane Sandy
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Let’s face it folks, Hurricane Sandy is not a joke. It’s probably one of the biggest storms to ever pass over the Caribbean and North America. It’s amazing that only about 50 people have been killed. It’s also amazing that nearly all the people on the Eastern Seaboard in the USA (more than 50 million) evacuated the area.

We live in the age of the internet and Hurricane Sandy isn’t being ignored. A few jokes have been surfacing since Monday, reminding people not to take everything in life too seriously.

Tweets and Facebook status updates like “What do Kim Kardashian and Hurricane Sandy have in common? They will both blow the entire East Coast just to get on TV.”, “What if Gangnam Style  is actually a rain dance and we brought Hurricane Sandy on ourselves?”, “About to watch The Day After Tomorrow, that should take my mind off Hurricane Sandy.”, “Nothing like Hurricane Sandy to make me realize what’s really important in life, internet access.”  and “If Hurricane Sandy were to hit South Africa, the first thing the government would do is pay 6 million to change the name to Sophy Thando Makwena” have not been uncommon over the last few days.

If you ask me, Americans are completely over-hyping Hurricane Sandy (like they do with most things). Close to 7500 flights I’m not saying that this isn’t a bad storm, I just think the media is over-exaggerating a little bit.

And lets not forget those folks on the internet who have used Hurricane Sandy as the perfect time to post fake photos, generating false hype for Hurricane Sandy. There have been a few of them since Monday. Some of them easy-to-spot fakes and others aren’t so much. Check out these Fake Hurricane Sandy Photos below:

There you go, some Fake Hurricane Sandy photos that have been posted over the last few days. Let’s hope the USA doesn’t get too messed up by Hurricane Sandy – it will be bad for the world economy and other things. My thoughts and sympathies go out to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Let’s hope that flood waters dry up soon and that the damage isn’t too severe.

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