Some Interesting Internet and Mobile Statistics from G-South Africa 2.0

During the course of today and tomorrow the G-South Africa 2.0 conference is taking place in Newtown in Johannesburg. It’s a web and mobile conference for tech savvy entrepreneurs and developers and is taking place at Turbine Hall. There are sessions for businesses, publishers, techies, journalists and content owners (which represents Google’s commitment to drive the web forward in South Africa and Africa – and highlights internet business opportunities). This 2nd annual edition of the conference features a strong focus on strategy and more hands-on sessions. Over 800 business people, marketers, entrepreneurs, engineers and web developers are gathering with over 30 Google experts from around the world to discuss the future of online business and web application development and receive training on Google’s products.

Some Interesting Internet and Mobile Statistics from G-South Africa 2.0 3

I am not attending the event, but I’ve been following some key announcements via Twitter. (And some of my readers might still think that Twitter is only useful for telling people what you do the whole time). Some interesting Tweets have been coming through dealing with Mobile and Internet usage stats in South Africa and Africa. Most of these facts were tweeted by @DazMSmith and @ITWeb during the course of today:

  •  By 2013, there will be more search *queries* in South Africa from mobile devices, than from desktops.
  • A million views on YouTube translates into approx $ 3 million in advertising revenue according to Google.
  • Users research products online before they purchase offline
  • One Third of South Africa’s top 100 advertisers do not advertise online.
  • Search for Jobs /Education in South Africa have grown 57% year on year over last 4 years.
  • YouTube will be available in Afrikaans and Zulu from today.
  • Africa will be the largest labour population in 2015. If Africa is going to be competitive, people need to be connected.
  • Approximately 925,000 smartphones are being activated every single day.
  • In South Africa 48 hours of video is uploaded every minute on YouTube.
  • Only 23% of South African YouTube users are under 24.
  • According to Google users go online for 1. Entertainment, 2. Enlightenment 3. Information.
  • 25% of searches done during the week come from mobile devices and increases to 65% over the weekend.
  • 70% of online South Africans find websites via search engine.
  • 60% of online South Africans believe search helps them find product they are looking for.
  • South African Google Search queries have increased by 5 times in the last 5 years.
  • There are currently 31 million Internet-capable phones in South Africa.
  • By 2020 about 20 million South African will be internet users.
  • Google’s Africa strategy is to improve access (infrastructure, cashing, education), make services relevant and sustainable.
  • 27% of South African smartphone users are doing price and product comparisons.
  • There are more smartphone users in South African than DSTV subscribers.
  • Research show that a webpage that loads for more than 2 seconds causes a loss in sales.
  • There is a YouTube reach of 47% in South Africa.
Some of these statistics are truly interesting. Hope this post has broadened your horizons. Feel free to comment on this post if you picked up something else that might be interesting from the #gsouthafrica hashtag on Twitter. Also feel free to share this post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.
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