Some of the Best Bakkies Botha Tweets this week

Some of the Best Bakkies Botha Tweets this week 1 The Springboks had a shaky IRB Rugby World Cup start, narrowly beating Wales by 1 point in their opening match on the 11th of September. They did bounce back in their 2nd match, beating Fiji by 49 points to 3 this past week Saturday.

Today the Springboks beat Namibia by 87 points to 0 in the 2011 IRB Rugby World Cup. The Springboks scored 8 tries in the match. They were leading by 31 points to 0 at half time. South Africa seems to be on track with their 2011 IRB Rugby World Cup campaign. They will play Samoa in their next match at North Harbour Stadium in New Zealand on the 30th of September.

South African Rugby fans have been posting loads of Bakkies Botha jokes on Twitter and Facebook over the last week or so. Bakkies Botha turns 32 today. He made his return to the Springbok side in the Fiji match last week Saturday. This post contains some of the best Bakkies Botha tweets that have been coming in over the last few days.

“The sheep on Bakkies Botha’ farm are the ones that give us steel wool” @Mayonie_Ent
“Bakkies Botha is so strong he can tear a page out of Facebook” @TyronStrachan
“Bakkies Botha can tweet from a pay phone” @Levi_Jean_Pant
“Fear of spiders is aracnaphobia, fear of tight spaces is chlaustraphobia, fear of Bakkies Botha is called Logic” @Jaco369
“Death once had a near-Bakkies Botha experience” @cdeSpijo
“Chuck norris had his blood tested – they found traces of Bakkies Botha in him” @joshualindberg
“The Vredefort dome was not created by a meteorite, Bakkies Botha decided to put his foot down” @NickVDL
“If Bakkies Botha had handlebars he would actually look a little too mean!” @Viege05
“Happy Birthday Bakkies Botha. The only man who scares his candles into going out.” @RobForbesDJ
“Did u know Bakkies Botha Counted to infinity twice!!” @The_Ian_anonly
“Bakkies Botha doesn’t need a GPS-Bakkies decides where he is!!” @_21Gunnz_Salute
“Chuck Norris wears Bakkies Botha pajamas” @Mike_Dippenaar
“When Bakkies Botha puts milk on his rice crispies , they stay dead f#cking quiet.” @Uncle_Chester
“Bakkies Botha is so strong he can tear a page out of Facebook” @caztros
“Bakkies Botha does not dial the wrong number, you answer the wrong phone!” @fresh2
“Bakkies Botha does not fart, nothing escapes Bakkies Botha” @tash23vard
“Every time Bakkies Botha goes to the ocean he swims two laps” @OnlyMissMel
“When Alexander Graham Bell designed the telephone, there were already 3 missed calls from Bakkies Botha” @mOwaja3
“Bakkies Botha can kill 2 rocks by throwing a bird.” @Darryn07
“Bakkies Botha can start a fire with two ice cubes!” @RiaanGeers
“Bakkies Botha can BBM with his Pager!” @RugbyFifteen
“Bakkies Botha was born on the 31st of February” @RugbyFifteen
“Bakkies Botha can speak Braille” @RugbyFifteen
“Rooney didn’t slip, Bakkies Botha made the ground move…” @Anchorman82
“Bakkies Botha can unscramble scrambled eggs” @The_Ian_anonly
“Bakkies Botha created the Haka for his own amusement” @The_Ian_anonly
“Bakkies Botha doesn’t need a Blackberry pouch to lock his phone, it locks automatically in his hand without him having to press a button…” @Anchorman82
“Bakkies Botha has never been late while traveling with Metrorail…” @Reesiebabygirl
“Bakkies Botha doesn’t flush the toilet, he scares the shit out of it.” @adlen421
“Bakkies Botha has already been to Mars; that’s why there are no signs of life.” @RugbyFifteen
“Bakkies Botha doesn’t sweat. He makes the air cry and then uses its tears to cool himself.” @aneldaswart
“Bakkies Botha can scrum against the whole Namibian team all alone.” @thabo_p
“Bakkies Botha once lost a testicle…they now call it Australia.” @JacquesvH5S
“Bakkies Botha was in all 6 Star Wars movies… As The Force.” @tyronepaulsen
“Bakkies Botha can kill a living room.” @DewaldRoets
“Bakkies Botha se ma is so rof, hy gee vir haar ‘n bolletjie staalwol, sy brei vir hom ‘n BMX fiets!” @sanetgoosen1
“Bakkies Botha is so sterk hy leen krag vir Eskom” @fynwol

If you have other Bakkies Botha Tweets / Jokes, please comment on this post and share it with everyone. Running Wolf’s Rant would like to take this opportunity to wish Bakkies Botha a happy birthday and to wish the Springboks the best of luck with the rest of their campaign at the 2011 IRB Rugby World Cup.

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