Some Survival Tips for Oppikoppi Sweet Thing 2012 (Sourced from Social Media)


Oppikoppi Sweet Thing is less than 50 days away and I’m pretty sure that many of you reading this post are probably excited and amped up beyond belief to attend South Africa’s premier music festival this year. This Oppikoppi veteran (who is going to his 14th festival this year) is already mentally prepared for the weekend of dust, tunes and booze ahead, but there might be some of you reading this post might not have been there before and you might be looking for some surival tips.

Well, today is your lucky day. If you ask me, I think you should read Boromir’s Oppikoppi Advice before you read this list of tips (it’s one of the tips that someone gave me before my first Oppikoppi in 1998).

Last year I posted some Oppikoppi Tips for Newbies on my other music blog, SA Music Zone, and it was a widely read post. So, I decided to do it again this year on Running Wolf’s Rant.

Like this post, I sourced last year’s post from friends on my Twitter and Facebook stream, E-mail and Skype chats. The response has been quite huge this time around. These tips are really useful and I think they are laid out mostly in Layman’s terms – they are easy to interpret and understand. Here are some tips for Oppikoppi Sweet Thing 2012:

  • “The best Hangover breakfast for Oppi are those mini ultra mel custards! I kid you not!” ” O ja en pleisters en detol! Hoe helpful dit vir julle sal wees weet ek ni, maar eks een van daai ‘can’t stay on my feet drunks” @BorstolJunkie (via Twitter) – She actually has a whole list she takes along every time she’s there, you might have to tweet her for her full list (it’s friggin’ long).
  • “My @oppikoppifest  tip will be to buy your booze at Shoprite Northam. That way it’s cold and you have more space in your car !!!” @The_P0P0 (via Twitter)
  • “Wear gumboots, take water, don’t waste your time with food – kos kots moeilik and Take lotsa photos!” @LadyRockerSA (via Twitter).
  • “Save the GPS location of your camp site on your phone, I got lost for hours, every night”  “1) kop torch, 2) heartburn pills (Rennies wont cut it), 3) be prepared to loose anything you take with, 4) don’t bother /w food” @TheMandibleClaw (via Twitter)
  • “Bring wet wipes.” @SchweppsRocka (via Twitter).
  • “Pack of Marlboro Red for smoking beggars. Wet wipes.” @elismaroets (via Twitter).
  • “Sinutabs or other headache pills. Also, blankets :)” @halololah (via Twitter)
  • “It gets kak cold at night. So bring warm clothes or have an orgy, whatever floats your boat.” @texxonfire (via Twitter)
  • “Double bag it!” @wrestlerish (via Twitter)
  • “#1 Wet wipes for sure… Think its for girls/babies? trust me. #2 money for the @oppikoppifest Water bottle for free water… #3 enough drinks… If you think it’s too much… Get more…  #4 take a cheap phone with to koppi if you must take a phone… Because you will loose it… #5 do sudoku while drunk to improve brain strength to help you get back to your tent while under the influence” @lareJacques (via Twitter)
  • “Don’t sober up” @garethwilsonsa (via Twitter)
  • “Don’t be a doos!” @rudi_cronje (via Twitter) – He gave the same advice last year, so consider this one as a priority…
  • ” Before you put on your beer goggles , make sure the hot guy/girl you like is hot by asking a sober friend” @ashlee_jcbs (via Twitter)
  • “Don’t go with your ex girlfriend” @abraham_kamffer (via Twitter)
  • “If it is lost it is lost. Accept the change and move on.” “Real friends don’t braai with their friends hands.” @MattBlackZA (via Twitter)
  • “Don’t take stupid food (like Tuna), you won’t eat it. People take too much food and end up buying food at the stage” @adriennebrook (via Twitter)
  • “Same as every year: Take 2 x 500ml Creme soda for each day you’re there and hide it in your car for the next morning!” @Braaiboy (via Twitter)
  • “Dust coverage. Bring seile. Miljoene van die goed !” @NjarfieSLS (via Twitter)
  • “Stofmasker, water, handskoene, maybe kan jy jo tent met glow-in-the-dark verf spuit ;)” ” My sister &I took waterguns once. Was quite a blast :D” Helena Louw (via Facebook)
  • “I have a ‘cool’ tip for sustaining ice cubes that I’ve picked up from some veterans: Bring a BIG cooler-box, fill it with as much ice cubes as you’ll need, then plant some dry ice in plastic bags or wrapped in paper in between, four or five big pieces should do it. This will make your ice last the whole weekend. I’ve done it and it works, we’ve actually discarded some left-over ice on the last day before leaving.” “As jy ‘n paar vriende is, is ‘n walkie talkie die way to go, mens kry mekaar makliker.” “Staal koppies/glase met ‘n chain aan jou broek wen altyd!” “MOENIE ‘n plastic/toy gun AK47 vat nie, die security confiscate dit dadelik né Marik Kotze?” “Another tip, but this one is more obvious: If you have a bakkie, you have a mobile campsite, just make a neat bed with a mattress in the canopy. you can park close to the stage and pass out without walking a mile, or drive to quieter meadows if you have noisy neighbours i.e. electronic stage.” “Take a pair of flip-flops, for use in the shower, to avoid piss and voet-skimmel. I don’t know if it actually helps, but it does bring peace-of-mind.” Heine van der Walt (via Facebook)
  • “Stick the line-up inside your car window facing to the outside to not be the guy walking around not having a clue where who is playing.” Ed England (via Facebook)
  • “FOK! VAT JOUSELF EN KOPPI!” Konstant de Vos (via Facebook)
  • “My persoonlike filosofie: As ek nie bereid is om dit te verloor nie, dan vat ek dit nie saam nie.” Willem van der Schyf (via Facebook)
  • “A kak load of wet wipes and water to clean urself with” Liesl De Bruin (via Facebook)
  • “Glow in the dark breadcrumbs from the top bar to your tent.” Lana Oosthuizen (via Facebook)
  • ” Don’t underestimate or get freaked out by the idea of digging a deep hole. When you gotta go you gotta go and we’re not here to judge ;)” Danielle Bates (via Facebook)
  • “GLOWSTICKS!!! Dis al.. Vat net klomp Glowsticks..” Leandi van der Laarse (via Facebook)
  • “Cooler net vir ys! dit hou so goeie 3 dae. kopflits. Groot glas of coleman om voggies in te stoor. Baie hout, lipice, sunscreen, warm klere, wet wipes…” Supertramp Todamax (via Facebook)
  • “Less is more!” “Out of experience we take a tent, sleeping bags, mattress and drinks. thats it. nothing else. (and an axe and torch and other koppi paraphernalia.)” “Your ice can last if you have a big cooler in your boot and you keep it wrapped in towels and stuff.  Usually my ice then lasts till the last day. Just dont put any warm stuff in the ice though.” Jacques Louw (via Facebook)
  • “Wet wipes” “En moenie kos vat nie koop sommer daar!” “En vat baie warm klere vir die koue nag” Dewald “Deeg” Oberholster (via Facebook)
  • “If you have to take food, take for the first night, otherwise you sit with a coolerbox full of meat and water at the end of it all. Also, never ever forget that 5L water… If you think your shoes will ever be the same, think again. That’s about the only important things I can remember? Other than take a nice big portable drink container 😛 an energade bottle/water bottle will have you walking up and down for refills. Sunblock also doesn’t hurt.” One thing that’s not really so much a guideline but a recommendation. Walk into other peoples camps, talk to them, offer them some tequila and just hang out. You’re welcome at every camp!” Bryan Bosman (via Facebook)
  • “An array of acts on a selection of stages makes it is oh so easy to lose your BFF amidst the horde of fine fellows and gorgeous gals. Charge your cell phone prior to arriving and in case of emergency be sure to have agreed on a time and visible marker to meet up at. P.S. His/her tent at 4 in the morning is not considered a visible marker, unless stated otherwise.” “Don’t be the drunken doos who damages the car/tent/any bodily part of the innocent bloke or bokkie pitching next to you. Think personal space, cease to waste and come Monday, leave the grounds without a trace.” “Be cautious of strangers, however cute or illustrious, and be sure to take care of your personal belongings. Lady friends, pair up or drag a hottie with a body along when heading to the ATM. Naivety never justifies tragedy.” “Assume zilch. Apply sunscreen, drink enough fluids, eat regularly and condomize. In essence, make your mom proud. Besides, the mucky, -dehydrated, -sunburnt -father-to-be look hardly works for anyone other than Charlie Sheen.” “PS. Make provision for medicinal basics such as headache tablets, plasters, mozzy spray and ooh la la ointment. Leave the medics to deal with the guy who broke his ankle imitating Wynand’s scissor kick.” Michelle Marais (via E-mail)
  • “Vat rehydrate saam en drink dit saam met jou eerste bier of cider vir die dag” Stephan “Stevie” Griesel (via Skype)

There you have it, TONS of Survival tips for Oppikoppi Sweet Thing this year. It seems that Wet Wipes is high on the list of things you should take (especially if you’re a girl and you don’t like dust). If you ask me your priority should be to have a good time, enjoy the tunes, make good friends and experience the BEST music festival that South Africa has to offer. Plain and simple if you ask me.

If you have found this post useful, please share this post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. And if you have another tip or 15 comment on this post and let the readers of Running Wolf’s Rant know. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here.

If you’re not hyped up for the festival yet, read my post featuring 5 Reasons Why I Am Looking Forward to Oppikoppi This Year, it’s bound to get you excited. If you don’t have a ticket for Oppikoppi Sweet Thing yet, don’t forget to book your tickets early – tickets are bound to sell out (like they have in 2010 and 2011). To get your ticket to South Africa‘s premier music festival, head on over to the Standard Bank youth portal for your discounted R600 tickets. They supplement each ticket for the fans and you DO NOT have to be a Standard Bank client to make use of this service. You can also obtain tickets on the Oppikoppi Festival Facebook page for R700 or for R750 from Ticketbreak.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Technology, Music and Events categories on Running Wolf’s Rant.


  1. I have to disagree with @BorstolJunkie. The best OppiKoppi breakfast is the next Amstel. 😉
    Also, “make sure the hot guy/girl you like is hot by asking a sober friend”… What is this “sober friend” you speak of?

  2. ‘n Tip of 3 van my kant af (aangesien ek te slapgat was om dit betyds vir jou te stuur):

    -Charge jou foon by die charging stations. Moenie jou kar/bakkie gebruik nie. Vat jumper cables saam, want ek weet jy gaan jou kar/bakkie gebruik.

    -Bepaal vooraf hoeveel van die volgende jy moet saamvat: Hout, komberse, sigarette, lighters, water, ys Verdubbel jou beplande hoeveelheid.

    -Vat ‘n moerse lelike vlag saam. Korreksie, ‘n moerse (soosin groot en sigbaar), lelike (soosin niemand sal hom wil steel nie) vlag. Hys hom bo jou campsite. Gebruik glow in the dark stuff as jy kreatief voel.

    -Dis koppi, en almal is nice, behalwe een poepol wat ronddraf en drinks spike. Regtig, daar’s net een, en hy luister Justine Bieber. Maar hy is daar, so watch jou drinks want die bliksem werk vinnig.

    -Groet soveel as moontlik random mense.

    -As jy my sien, kom sê hallo

    Dis basies dit waaraan ek nou kan dink (wat nognie herhaaldelik bo genoem is nie)


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