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Some Wise Pre Oppikoppi Words from Ed England


Today’s Oppikoppi expert is from Snor City Norfff (AKA Pretoria North). Ed England was born and raised there and NO, he doesn’t have a home built wing or plastic spinners on his vehicle. Ed says that his poison is Brandy and Tequila (kindy like @BaasDeBeer and I). When he’s not roaming in his hood, he’s blogging on his blog (Why Ed), interacting with music lovers and his followers on Twitter (via his @WhyIamEd account) or attending festivals and gigs in and around the capital city. Ed also says that you should give him a high five and ask him in person if you need to know anything else.

But at least you can find out a little more about Ed England today. I recently had the privilege to have a quick chat with Ed ahead of this year’s Oppikoppi festival (which starts this week Thursday). This is what he had to say:

How many people from Pretoria Northhhh will be making their way with you to Oppikoppi this year?

The real question should be how many people in the Datsun’s will actually be making it out of the Norfff. Just kidding, I think there will be quite a few, just follow the skid marks on the road.
Which acts are you most looking forward to see at Oppikoppi 2013 Bewilderbeast and why?

Fokofpolisiekar, seen them a thousand times but still love seeing their shows. And quite excited for Yellowcard, going to be reliving my high school years. Oh and Goodnight Wembley, Jeremy Loops, Shortstraw, Bittereinder and the man himself, Jack Parow.

What is the funniest or weirdest thing that you’ve seen at Oppikoppi festivals over the years?

I have seen things that could haunt even the most hardcore Oppikoppi goers (you included Henno), but I will keep it short and simple. On my very first year I went, on the first night some highly intoxicated random stranger came into our campsite with an axe, paused for a few seconds and proceeded to cut down a tree with the axe. The security stopped him as they should but all of sudden he threw the axe backwards…into some poor guy’s leg. Blood and meat succeeded to escape through the wound. Was a hectic start to my first Oppikoppi.

Which food stall is better at Oppikoppi for you and why? Kobus se Gat or Burger Express?

Burger Express, I love burgers, hate the constant ques. That is all.

What are three things that people should NOT do at Oppikoppi and why?

Don’t be a doos (which is self explanatory). Don’t pass out in the campsite in a chair (That’s a rule in our campsite), if you do, you will be going in the road and have nice messages written all over you. Try to punch happy festival goers, that’s a big no-no and fucking lame.

If there was an Oppikoppi superhero out there, what will they be called and what would their superpowers be?

He is already out there, Chicken Suit Man. He has to power to walk around aimlessly all day and withstand the immense heat in the suit.

Which muso should be dared to run the Boom 500 naked dash and why?

Sheesh, what a question?! Can I be mean? The drummer girl that plays the show with Jack Parow 🙂

I want to take this opportunity to thank Ed for taking time to answer these questions. I’m pretty sure that he’s as amped for Oppikoppi as me and all of you reading this post. If you’ve enjoyed reading Ed’s words, feel free to share this article with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Remember: Sharing is Caring. And if you spot Ed and I at Oppikoppi this year, offer us a high five or a shot, or both.

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