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The Sound You Should Know: The Internet, Mac Demarco & Jain


It has been a while but I am back to bring you more of The Sound You Should Know on Running Wolf’s Rant. For those of you who missed the first edition: it’s basically a list of bands, videos and cool musical innovation that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Let me start by say Congrats, you survived another year and for sure wasn’t the biggest dick on the globe. Now go home and treat yourself with some nice flavoured conjac or even a glass of Dj Ale.

Try adding Grammy-nominated neo-soul band The Internet. Imagine Alabama shakes endowed in some deep R&B roots. The band formed in 2011 in Los Angeles. The band is comprised of a few members of Odd Crew. Odd crew is an American Hip Hop collective. The collective also has their own skit shows on Adult Swim.

Syd Tha Kyd The Internet’s lead vocalist has a beautiful sultry voice. Her unique voice style and dress sense make it clear that she isn’t just another R&B backup singer but rather someone to take full notice of. Have a listen to their tracks “Get Away” and “Special Affair”.

For the majority of us the closes thing we will be getting to the coast is the Windows XP background on our work PCs. So, if you looking for that sunshine and fine times without hurting your bank balance Mac Demarco is definitely your guy. This Canadian singer song-writer and producer has made an art out of slacker rock. If your looking for songs that have intricately crafted political reference look away.

Demarco doesn’t take himself too seriously. Listening is effortless. His songs often poke fun at the mundane things in life and himself. So if your fed up with big city life have a listen to “Salad Days” below:

Then when your done loafing at home turn up some Jain. This French singe / rapper released her debut album at the end of last year and has received an iTunes Song of The Year Award for her song “Makeba”. The song was inspired by Jain’s hero Miriam Makeba.

The video itself is such a beautiful tribute to South Africa and the Makeba without becoming something that belongs in a curio shop in Cape Town. When your done Pantsula dancing to Makeba have a listen to her track “Come” below. Jain is definitely an artist worth
keeping an eye on and an ear open for in 2017.

During the holidays you’re gonna spend time with your family. As pleasant as this is, once your nosey aunt drops those personal question bombs, things take several turns for the worse. So, instead of sitting alone resenting yourself, blow off some steam at The Grind Radio’s Christmas Party at Arcade Empire.

The jol kicks off at 6 PM on Christmas Day and it’s FREE! There’s going to be great music throughout the night and enough Jagermeister to help you forget that Ouma called you fat.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Music category on Running Wolf’s Rant.


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