124 photos that document the South African Music Scene in 2011

As the title suggests, this post contains 124 photos documenting the South African Music Scene in 2011. I can’t believe that I snapped these photos 8 years ago at venues like Hotbox Studios and Arcade Empire and at festivals like Oppikoppi, RAMFest, Where Blues Meets Rock, FORR and Mieliepop.

It was one of the best and busiest years of my life and I don’t regret experiencing every second of it. I might be speaking under correction, but I think I saw Van Coke Kartel live 7 or 8 times in this year. I met so many people, saw so many bands and traveled to so many different places in this year.

South African Music Scene in 2011

2011 was also the year that I started to take my blogging a little more seriously than I did before. It was the year that I started discovering and embracing my passion for live music photography. To this day I still use the techniques that I learned in those early days when I’m shooting bands. Kudos to AJ Howard (who taught me some really neat tricks).

2011 was the year that I met Francois van Coke (at Ridgebacks) and had the worst hangover that I’ve ever had at a festival (thanks RAMFest). It was also the year that I accompanied Baas De Beer to his first Oppikoppi, the year that I went to my first Park Acoustics and the year that I took a train trip for 25 yours to attend a festival.

I can totally write another thousand words about this year, but for now I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Check out my gallery featuring photos documenting the South African Music Scene in 2011 below.

Did you enjoy the trip down memory lane? Feel free to comment below and share your memories and thoughts with me. I would love to hear from you. You’re also more than welcome to read my recap of 2011. It’s old, but it’s still a good read.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Photography category on Running Wolf’s Rant.

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