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A while ago I did a post about Noteworthy South African Twitter users featuring some of the most interesting South African people on Twitter.

Since the 23rd of April I have been doing a weekly post highlighting 10 interesting South African Twitter profiles coinciding with the infamous ‘Follow Friday’ tradition on the popular micro-blogging service. About a week ago Fuseware released the results of South African Twitter user marketing research conducted about between March and April 2010. You can download the full report here. I thought that my readers would find this data interesting.

Here are some of the findings from the report about South African Twitter users:

  • South Africa has 55,000 active Twitter users.
  • 35-40% of South Africa Twitter users tweet from their mobile phones.
  • South African Twitter users are responsible for 1.5 million tweets a month on Twitter (over 50 millon tweets a day are sent on Twitter globally).
  • 4.5% of South African websites reference Twitter (This is considerably higher overseas, especially in the United States).
  • Twitter is the 7th most viewed website in South Africa (Twitter is currently ranked 12th in the world by Alexa).
  • Twitter users in South Africa have an average of 115 followers (My Twitter account currently has 1175 followers).
  • South African Twitter users have an average of 346 total tweets (I’m currently closing in on 15,000 tweets so I’m not average at all).
  • 26% of South African Twitter users access the service with the Twitter website.
  • 10% of South African Twitter users access Twitter via Tweetdeck (which happens to be my favorite Twitter client).
  • Most South African Twitter users tweet at night (between 7 and 8 PM).
  • South African Twitter users tweet the most on Tuesdays (and I have no idea why).
  • The bulk of South African Twitter users are based in Cape Town. Johannesburg comes in at 2nd place, East London in 3rd and my home town Pretoria in 4th on this list.
  • According to the report TinaCook is the South African Twitter profile with the most followers (36,269 to be exact), but FIFAWorldCupTM has actually overtaken her since the report came out (currently on 36,998 followers).
  • The South African Twitter profile with the most tweets is howdous (currently on 219,382 tweets).

This is definately interesting. I’m glad that I’ve found that I’m an above average Twitter user in South Africa. Twitter usage is bound to increase in the near future though. Cheaper internet connectivity options are becoming available every day and this could definately influence these current figures. Running Wolf’s Rant is regularly updated in the Technology, Sport, Facts, Babes, Photography and Humor categories, so feel free to visit again. Please comment on this post if you have any views and recommend this post to your friends if you have found it interesting.


  1. Concerning tweeting on Tuesdays: The same logic for this applies as for marketing (sending out of newsletters and such is more effective on Tuesday mornings roughly at 10:00am, followed if i’m not mistaken by Wednesdays)

    Monday: Oh crap, new week, need to work and get things in order that I didn’t finish last week.
    Tuesday: OK, this week has started, but there’s more than enough time to do what I need to get done by the end of the week
    Wednesday: Mmm, maybe i should start working…
    Thursday: Oh crap, it’s almost end of week, better work!
    Friday: Almost weekend, no one stays in office longer than they need to.

    Kinda makes sense, doesn’t it?


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