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Sports Casino should prove popular on Facebook


RocketPlay’s recent bold move to create Best online sports betting site will give professional and amateur sports betters a chance to hone their skills in a brand-new environment. It’s the first of its kind on Facebook and Zynga – and RocketPlay say that it’s as close to genuine sports betting as it’s possible to get.

With fun graphics and a great layout that fits right into what we’d all expect, the concept backing it up is traditional sports betting at its best, even if the real money isn’t yet up for grabs.

Sports Casino
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Think of it as a place to practice. Somewhere fun and realistic where the risks are much less, and virtual currency means you can push the envelope further than you ever have before in a risk-free environment.

Speaking about the aims of Sports Casino, Matthew Cullen – President and CEO – has spoken of their desire to create a game that combines the best elements from betting things we love. By bringing together the experience of online betting via regulated markets in the UK and Europe with Las Vegas’s popular sportsbooks, the result, he says, is something totally innovative.

For example, players are given the chance to select a game that intrigues them and join the shared room where the action is taking place.

Part of the attraction for Sports Casino will surely be its ease-of-use

Here, things happen with as much drama as in real life, and it all takes place in the here-and-now as the sports event happens. The idea is that players watch the games unfold on the TV, while at the same time placing calculated bets and socialising with other players.

Zynga and Facebook seem like perfect partners. Casino games are becoming more commonplace, and with betting becoming more popular thanks to Zynga’s entrance into real money gambling, it looks like Sports Casino has made a great partnership and formed a unique opportunity for those looking to bet on games in college and professional American football, as well as the Spanish and English football leagues.

Looking at the game, which is a sports-betting platform, it’s clearly less frantic than its online poker equivalent, though equally exciting if you have the patience to wait for the odds to change.

All things considered, there’s a lot to enjoy here if you want to get involved with all kinds of blackjack and such while you wait for the sports events to be decided.

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