The lowdown on this year’s A&T Sports Hall of Fame Weekend

A&T Sports Hall of Fame, also known as North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame, was originally established in February 1963. It aims to celebrate excellence and extraordinary achievements attained and exhibited by athletes and coaches in the world of sports. It was built to commemorate those who have brought recognition not only to themselves but also to the state of North Carolina.

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A Look at the A&T Event

The induction of new members in the A&T Sports Hall of Fame occurs every year. It was first inaugurated in 1963 when the hall initially inducted its first class, which consisted of five members. As of 2010, there have been inducted, 274 members.

All of these inducted members have donated mementos of their sports careers. Some of the displayed memorabilia include Dale Earnhardt’s fire suit, Jim Valvano’s warm-up suit, Meadowlark Lemon’s Harlem Globetrotters basketball uniform, Kay Yow’s Olympic team basketball, and Charlie Justice’s jersey.

A&T Sports Hall of Fame

The objects given by these elected inductees have been displayed in the North Carolina Museum of History since these were moved in 1981 from the corridors of Charlotte Museum where those were originally placed. The museum is contained in a 4,000 square-feet gallery on the third floor of the North Carolina Museum of History.

A Look at What’s Going to Happen This Year

This year, eight sensational athletes are about to be part of the hall. They have made their place on the basis of some great records in the past season.

These new members were inducted in the A&T Sports Hall of Fame on September 7th.  A press conference was held in Stallings Ballroom on September 6th at 4 PM for the introduction of the new members. They were also introduced to the Aggie fans before the football game against West Virginia State at the Aggie Stadium on September 8th.

All of these athletes have showcased phenomenal skills in their respective sports careers. To name them particularly: the incredible basketball athletes are James Anderson and Thomas Griffis Jr. In football, the standouts are Demetrius Harrison and James White; both are homegrown of North Carolina A&T.

Another exceptional athlete from A&T is Willie Morrison, an A&T Batting Champion.  He has been able to create some outstanding records in the recent past and would be felicitated for his achievements.

Of course, women excel in sports as well. Three honourable women who made a remarkable contribution in sports and athletics are going to be inducted, too. The basketball standouts are Eva Patterson-Heath and Marsha Simmons, while Carmen Barrantes-Santa Maria stood out the volleyball career.

These players wowed us with their talent and we hope they continue it this year as well. They definitely deserve the recognition they are getting as they have brought so much honour into the world of sports.

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