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Get Spotify Premium for only R5.99 a month


If you live in South Africa and you’ve been craving to get Spotify Premium since their launch earlier in 2018, you have the ultimate opportunity…

Spotify is offering new users Spotify Premium for just R5.99 per month! This means that new Spotify users can sign up for Spotify Free and upgrade to Spotify Premium for only R5.99 per month for the next three months. This offer is valid from today (the 19th of November 2018) until the 31st of December 2018.

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I’ve been using Spotify Premium from the day that they launched in South Africa and I’m definitely NOT disappointed.

Why should you sign up for Spotify?

1. You’ll discover music from amazing artists you’re probably never heard of on Spotify. I can’t tell you exactly how many artists I’ve discovered since I’ve signed up, but the count has to be over 100.

2. The interface is very user friendly. It’s very easy to find artists, specific songs and playlists that you’re looking for. It’s also amazingly easy to build your own playlists.

3. Spotify creates up to 6 Daily Mixes based on the music that you listen to. I currently have daily mixes that feature modern rock, South African music, British rock, etc. These mixes don’t end after 30 songs. It’s an endless playlist featuring music that you love. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

4. Spotify has 2 playlists that are user specific: Discover Weekly and Release Radar.

Discover Weekly is updated on Mondays and features suggestic music (based on what you’ve listened to in the last week). This can include new / old tracks.

Release Radar is updated on Fridays and features newly released music from artists that you follow and new released music that you might like.

5. The Artist Radio and Song Radio features are designed to help you to discover new music on Spotify.

Artist Radio is available for almost every artist and features a generated playlist of music that is similar to that of the artist that you’ve searched for.

Song Radio is available for almost every song and features a generated playlist of music that is similar to the song that you’ve selected it for.

6. You’ll never use another music streaming app. Apple Music fans will definitely disagree with me, but you won’t find a better music streaming app than Spotify. Their discovery algorithm is just way better than any other streaming platform out there.

Not using Spotify yet? Click here to sign up for a Free / Premium account NOW!

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